Fundable Crowdfunding Campaign for AARMED Survival Tool


Edmonton, AB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2016 --An incredibly well thought-out product designed around the concept of ''emergencies aren't planned, but survival is'' is now available to buy from Fundable. AARMED Survival Tube is a portable, lightweight, aluminium canister, and the contents are designed to equip people with the basic essentials, should they find themselves in an emergency situation. Whether an outdoor adventurer, someone who travels alone in unreliable conditions, or simply preparing for an event, the AARMED Survival Tool provides peace of mind in a world of unpredictability.

The brainchild of local businessman and adventurer, Keith Wick, AARMED Survival Tool is currently on business crowdfunding site Fundable, with the aim of making this potentially life-saving product widely available. The intention is for everyone to have the option to be able to pack an AARMED Survival Tool in their bag or backpack when planning an outdoor trip, to keep one in the car or truck in case of a breakdown or accident, or to store one in the home or office. No one knows if, when, or how they might be in an emergency or even life-threatening situation. Should that unfortunate occurrence happen, the AARMED Survival Tool will help them to be prepared.

The AARMED Survival Tool weighs as little as 2.9 lbs and allows the storage of multiple tools inside its main body. Ingeniously, the precision milled aluminium alloy body is tough enough to be used as a hammer, or as a vessel for boiling water on a fire. Contents include tools to boil water, signal for help, start a fire and build a shelter, and the tool has the ability to store anything from medical kits to fishing and hunting gear. The portable, multi-use system can be customized with additional compartments, tools and hooks, including a hook-up for a GoPro, depending on the intended location or pursuit, whether that be hunting or fishing.

About AARMED Survival Tool
Wick came up with the idea for the AARMED Survival Tool while traveling in remote parts of Alberta as part of his work. He realized that he would feel at ease if he had a kit containing the essentials for survival in the event that he became stranded on the side of the road following a breakdown or bad storm. He designed, built, and tested the tools with a team of adventure travelers located right in Alberta. It is patent pending. As an added bonus, the Fundable 'Trailblazer Edition' comes with an additional first aid it, emergency blanket, paracord, and flint striker.