Funded in Less Than an Hour

GoEasel is an all-in-one easel, water basin, and brush holder, perfect for every artist out there. Check out and support GoEasel at their Kickstarter launch.


Fresno, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/13/2019 --GoEasel is a compact easel perfect for artists around the globe. It is an all-in-one easel, water or liquid basin, and brush holder that requires no assembly. Users only need to place GoEasel on any surface of their choosing and prop their canvas in one of the two grooves. These grooves provide two different angles to best position a canvas, making painting easier than ever before. The basin in the center of the GoEasel allows artists to wash their brushes without the mess or stress of spilling, while also acting as a stabilizer to prevent GoEasel from tipping or slipping. GoEasel also has places to rest brushes either vertically or horizontally. This gives artists easier access to their brushes and makes for an easier cleanup.

GoEasel is also light and portable, weighing less than one pound. Because it is only 10 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height, it is easy to pack and carry, making travel light and quick. GoEasel is designed to make painting easier by reducing time-consuming setup and cleanup. Too often, artists spend more time setting up or cleaning up rather than painting. The GoEasel allows users to enjoy and utilize their creativity without these time-consuming tasks.

GoEasel is perfect to use outdoors, in classrooms, and wherever else inspiration may strike. It can be used for oil painting, acrylic painting, or water color painting, and can support all standard tabletop easel canvasses, fitting thicknesses from 1/8" up to 3/4" and holding canvasses as small as 6"x6" or as large as 20"x24". GoEasel's simple yet ingenious design provides artists with an essential tool for creating masterpieces.

Richard from Fresno, an art instructor and GoEasel enthusiast, says, "As an art teacher, I'm always trying to find more time to set up before my art class. I've never seen an easel that's self contained and easy to use. Setting up for my class does not require assembly or break down. You simply place the easel down and it's ready for your canvas, water and paintbrushes. The GoEasel saves time and makes the painting class run smoothly. Everyone needs one."

GoEasel just launched their KickStarter campaign and reached their funding goal in less than an hour. Come support GoEasel today to unleash the artist within you.