Fundr Aims to Help Non-Profit Organisations Achieve Their Project Goals in the U.K.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2019 --Fundr is a new crowdfunding concept with a twist, they don't just crowdfund! Fundr was originally created as a social crowdfunding platform specifically geared towards charitable efforts in the United Kingdom and beyond. After meeting many potential 'non-profit' clients the Fundr Founder, Marc Fenwick, noticed a distinctive pattern occurring, the majority of these clients did not have up to date business plans, policies or procedures. This created a major problem when it comes to attracting social investment, so Marc took it upon himself to help the non-profit clients adapt and update their plans, policies and procedures. After revamping many of his client's documents to help attract social investment Marc then realised this was another huge part of the fundr project process and created MoneyMagnet, the professional services arm of fundr. MoneyMagnet manages all aspects of client documentation revamping, along with the matching of available investment funds to the client's project criteria, making MoneyMagnet a vital part of the whole social investment process. Fundr and MoneyMagnet form a strong investment team which Marc now likes to refer them as 'Project Development Consultancies.'

So, what is fundr? Rather than giving money to companies creating products or services like most other crowdfunding platforms, fundr enables backers to give money to causes they believe in so that they know their money is being put to good use.

Launched in January 2019, fundr is one of the first crowdfunding platforms in the world to focus on social efforts, rather than financial ones. The company believes that by improving struggling communities, everyone can benefit, as society continuously improves overall. Projects include the redevelopment of community facilities, increasing environmental sustainability efforts through innovative carbon reduction ideas, and most importantly helping those in need such as ex-veterans, vulnerable and homeless people, and many more.

Funders are welcome to contribute as much, or as little, as they would like, and they can contribute to as many campaigns as they wish simultaneously. Once they have submitted their contributions, they'll receive frequent updates from the project creators, letting them know how the project is progressing and how their money is helping those efforts.

In addition to sourcing money from the general public, social investors, grant makers, philanthropists and private sponsors in the U.K. and around the world, fundr will also add financial support to the projects through community fund pools, a 1000-year-old social saving mechanism where communities pool funds together in order to self-finance their community-based projects, with repayment back into the fund pool over an agreed length of time. Fundr maintains an extensive super network of public and private funding sources, giving social organisations a variety of opportunities to achieve their funding goals.

Campaign owners will also get fundr's assistance with creating and managing their campaigns. Fundr wants to ensure that every campaign has the best possible chance to be successful. Once fundr has helped the organisation refine its campaign to best appeal to potential funders, the campaign is ready for publishing and sharing on the platform.

Fundr is actively seeking new campaigns to help improve communities throughout the U.K. Of course, they'll need funders for all of those campaigns as well. Those who wish to contribute and give back to their local communities can register for a free account on fundr's website,, giving them access to all of the campaigns that are currently available. With an account, they'll also be able to start creating campaigns of their own to give back even more.