Fundraising Site Charidy Helps Clients Win Big


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2018 --Part tech platform, part fundraising consultancy, part marketing agency, Charidy's unique approach to crowdfunding is disrupting the nonprofit sector and delivering big wins for its clients. To-date, Charidy has helped more than 1500 organizations raise over $500 MIL from hundreds of thousands of donors. While two-thirds of crowdfunding campaigns fail, Charidy's 99% campaign success rate makes them the most successful nonprofit crowdfunding platform on the market.

CEO Yehuda Gurwitz founded Charidy in 2013, with a mission to revolutionize how nonprofits raise capital. Deeply involved in nonprofits from a young age, Yehuda is passionate about using technology to solve social issues and ultimately increase philanthropic giving worldwide. The Charidy team and platform are bringing this vision to fruition, with clients from every issue area spanning six continents - and no signs of slowing.

"At Charidy, we're not just giving people the ability to give - we're giving them a reason to give," says Gurwitz.

Charidy's formula includes a tight timeframe (typically 12-36 hours), matchers (high-level donors who ensure that every donation day-of is doubled, tripled, or quadrupled), and the option of an "all or nothing" approach. Campaign sizes have ranged from a few thousand to over $6 MIL.

Regardless of dollars raised, each nonprofit team works with a Charidy campaign manager to walk through a seven-step process in which they set assertive but attainable goals, hone their story and messaging, and effectively rally staff, board members, volunteers, and every level of donor on campaign day. Most clients report seeing a 35% rise in new donors after the campaign, and many feel the momentum continue in their donor base long after.

The process is intended to take the guesswork and accidental feel out of crowdfunding. "We effectively reverse-engineer viral campaigns," explains Chief Innovation Officer Moshe Hecht, who was named the NonProfitPRO Technology Professional of the Year in 2017.

Charidy is best known for these high-urgency, high-impact campaigns, but the company offers a range of other services that stem from their core model. Charidy Creative is the company's internal agency, specializing in nonprofit branding and marketing services. The company is expanding to offer a range of customizable digital assets, such as a dinner platform for gala events. A Charidy app is also in the works, applying the ease and convenience of money management apps like Mint to the charitable giving space.

Additionally, Charidy clients have seen enormous success not just with individual campaigns, but with giving days, coordinating and elevating the collective fundraising efforts of a group of nonprofits towards a single, more significant fundraising goal. For instance, the Raise Toronto Giving Day in April of 2017 raised 150% of its goal for schools in that city, landing at over $3 MIL. Last year, the United for Freedom (UFF) Global Giving Day raised over $500,000 to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery. This year, Charidy hosts the second annual UFF Giving Day on Oct. 16, aiming to double last year's goal and reach $1 MIL.

UFF is also part of Charidy's commitment to corporate social responsibility and taking a stand for not only their clients' missions, but those that the company cares about. "We have the potential to raise a lot more awareness on this issue," says Gurwitz of the anti-human trafficking movement. "And the greater the awareness, the greater the inspiration to act."

That action is ultimately at the heart of Charidy's mission. And it continues to make impact on Charidy's team and clients alike.

About Charidy
Charidy is a crowdfunding and fundraising website that allows users to create campaigns for charity and nonprofit organizations. We value innovation, love, community, truth and high standards and we want to make sure that we uphold these principles for years to come.We encourage all of our customers to join us in protecting and upholding these values and making a more giving world.

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