FurzAid Is an Animal Rescue App Making It Easy to Assist Animals in Need


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/06/2018 --FurzAid, the revolutionary new animal rescue app making it easy to assist animals in need, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Everyday, all over the world, people come across animals that are lost, ill or injured. Without the time or understanding on how to help, the moment so often passes and the animals are left to fend for themselves. Not knowing who to contact, what to search for, or how much time or money a solution might be are all barriers that potentially Good Samaritan individuals face. FurzAid is on a mission to simplify all of this making it easier than ever for animals to get the help they need, when they need it.

"My journey started somewhere on the streets of Ibiza, where I was first exposed to stray cat colonies. Heart-broken by the many feline individuals, suffering from hunger, illness and injuries, struggling for survival, I gradually came to the realization that one person does not have the power to change the world for every animal, but every person has the power to change the world of at least one animal. A realization that many years later became the core ethos of FurzAid," says founder and CEO Adam Ilko on the inspiration behind the project. "Determined to create the most successful outcome for any animal that I find in need, I spent the last year developing an idea, a brand and a platform that will empower others to 'Just Try'; to bring assistance to any injured animal they find, anywhere in the world."

The FurzAid app is designed to assist both people who want to help animals in need, and organizations, vets and volunteers that have the resources to come to their aid. When users stumble upon an injured animal or lose a beloved family pet, they simply need to upload a photo, add a location tag and post the rescue. FurzAid takes it from there. The company then reaches out to those in the location that can bring the best assistance to the animal they've found or help with their lost pet.

On the organizational and volunteer side, the company is developing an in-depth and easy to use functional rescue management tool which will allow them to easy reach animals in need, connect with reporting animal lover users and effectively manage their overall work.

"Facing the same difficulties over and over again, we've decided to create a tool that evaporates all of the obstacles mentioned above along with many others. We are developing an app that empowers you to take action in less than 30 seconds, using only your phone," adds Ilko. "There is no other platform anywhere in the world that provides quick access, connectivity and assistance, with such broad scope but also with a simple and streamlined user experience."

FurzAid is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: https://kck.st/2OXIoHs

About FurzAid Ltd.
FurzAid Ltd is a groundbreaking tech company with a social & ethical heart for the betterment of all animals. Founded in the Summer of 2017 and with a mission to arm every animal lover with the Animal Rescue App, our core ethos is "One person does not have the power to change the world for every animal. But every person has the power to change one animal's world". Upon this philosophy is our foundation for why we do what we do.

For more information on FurzAid please visit https://furzaid.com/