G3C Technologies Corporation Has Launched Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Roll out New Generation Tire Recycling Technology

Patented Conversion Technology Gives New Life to Billions of Dead Tires Wasting Away in Landfills and Garbage Dumps


Basking Ridge, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/09/2019 --Responsible citizens of the world are understandably concerned about the plastic crisis taking over our landfills, beaches and oceans but little attention has been paid to an equally grave threat to the environment: tossed away tires. With hundreds of millions of vehicles on roads worldwide, billions of old tires are disposed of with scant care taken to curb the environmental impact of millions of tons of waste generated… until now.

G3C Technologies is aptly named and their new generation G³C Triple-Green Conversion Technology gives New Life to End-of Life tires.

The number 3 In G³C represents three major environmental advantages of their technology as follows:

- G1: Their process does not generate any hazardous air pollution or waste discharge. All of the water used for the process is recycled so there is no waste water discharge. The G³C process' carbon footprint is approximately 20% of that of a typical virgin carbon black manufacturing process from fossil oil or gas.

- G2: They do not use any fossil source material as feed for the process. Unlike the conventional carbon black manufacturing process that uses fossil oil or gas, the G³C process uses scrap tires as raw material.

- G3: All the fuel and energy required for the process is self-generated so there is no need to use any fossil fuel for the system operation.

"We have estimated that more than 1.7 billion tires reach the end of their lives each year, creating millions of tons of waste. The government has focused on disposing of these waste tires in an environmentally safe manner and the scrap tire industry has focused on getting the most out of waste, but we are committed to taking these "end-of-life tires" and giving them brand new life." According to Frank Hsu, Senior VP.

Over time the company has been developing and perfecting their G³C Technology to solve the world's scrap tire problems by converting environmentally damaging waste tires into recovered carbon black, suitable for tire making and other high value applications. The new generation G³C Technology differentiates itself in its ability to produce high grade carbon black, which opens large markets (estimated $5+ billion) of high market value products (e.g. carbon black for making tire tread) which is not attainable for any existing early generation scrap tire to carbon black technology.

A team of doctors, researchers and engineers have devoted years of time devising an entirely new method to tackle an old and ever-growing problem. Their hard work paid off leading to patents and their first contract with a firm in Taiwan which gives G3C Technology access to China; a massive market with the second highest number of cars on the road in the world.

Embracing the spirit of crowdfunding, the minimum investment is at a very low threshold enabling the masses to participate in the newest way to protect the environment.

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About G3C Technology
The G3C Technology process R&D phase was concluded in early 2018 and have since been making progress on the technology commercialization (building a G3C pilot production line) and product R&D (rCB products development for specific high-demand applications, such as tires, high performance rubber products, semi-conductive applications, etc.). They are building a bright future on a strong and firm foundation.