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Gaining Support from 500 Backers, and Completing 430% of the Funds Raising Goal

SMAO Drone becomes the Explosion on the First Day of Funds Raising


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2017 --Indiegogo platform launches a product of explosion model once again today. The drone named SMAO gains the support from 500 backers and completes 430% of its funds raising goal. It is rare to see such a popularity in the hot drone market.

In fact, drone products have always been the "Frequenter" of funds raising on crowdfunding platforms. With similar products gathering together, the competition is very fierce. At present, the drone product shows its brilliance by only completing funds raising goal. So, what does SMAO rely on to get such an incredible result?

On the page of funds raising, SMAO technology, the producer, uses the words of "The Safest, the Most Interesting, the Most Intelligent" to describe the features of this world's smallest camera drone.

SMAO is safe both inside and outside. From the shell structure, SMAO adopts high-strength grid structure armor and has passed thousands of crash tests. Its internal configuration shows more of the product's brilliance. The built-in high-pressure system enables it to fly smoothly no matter in storm or bump. The emergency-stop function and one-key-to-recall function equipped in the software work along both lines, and they have effectively avoided harm to others by operation mistake.

In terms of image, it is equipped with 2K high-definition camera, which can meet the shooting demand of both HD photographing or 720P video shooting. The real-time transmission technology lets users realize real-time picturing, shooting, picture-transmitting and share this happiness with friends.Users could even change the 2K camera into their own glasses at any time by virtue of VR glasses. As for operation, SMAO can realize the mobile phone control with WIFI connection, but it also has the mode combining mobile phone and high precision remote control. The enhancement with respect to control enables the users who have the ultimate pursuit of controlling the flight to complete many of the stunt flight actions, such as 360-degree rotating, flying through narrow space, emergency stop, translation, as well as track flight. The excellent performance of image and control makes SMAO full of fun and extraordinary.

Another highlight of SMAO is years of technology accumulation of the producer, Bobcat technology, has a concentrated reflection on the product of SMAO. It is no exaggeration to say that SMAO has almost redefined the control mode of drone. If the user is skeptical about his driving skills, he can leave tracks on the screen randomly, and SMAO will fly exactly according to the tracks. Moreover, users can also control the SMAO flight through the gravity sensing mode of the mobile phone. In addition to a variety of intelligent control modes, the users can also choose system language. The high degree intelligence of SMAO enables users from different countries and with different flight levels to enjoy the fun of flying easily.

About SMAO
SMAO is the world's smallest "Love Pet" at your fingertips with its 2.56inch body size and 40g of weight. You can carry it easily and fly it anywhere anytime. Just as what the producer, Bobcat technology, has promoted in the poster, namely with a small body, big power, SMAO is the hummingbird-like drone. What is more amazing is that it only costs you $69 to own it at the funds raising stage.

SMAO Drone is a very excellent product, as it is not only safe, interesting and intelligent, but also reasonably priced. From the current data, it has the successful probability of more than 430% in the funds raising stage at Indiegogo platform. If a small and portable drone is in your consideration, then SMAO is definitely an option.