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Galith Brand of Diamond Jewelry from Patrick Saada Eliminates Markups and Middlemen


Ramat Gan, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/30/2018 --The company Infinite Diam was founded in 2013, thanks to the vision of Patrick Saada, who has been involved in diamond trading and manufacturing for years. But Patrick Saada has added to his list of successes in the diamond industry with Galith, his own brand of online jewelry under his daughter's expertise and management.

Patrick Saada came up with the idea for Infinite Diam more than 4 years ago, but his expertise and involvement in the diamond mining, manufacturing, and trading industry stretches back a lot more years than the inception of Infinite Diam. In fact, Mr. Saada gained a lot of his knowledge in diamond mining, for instance, when he became heavily involved in the Koidu diamond mine development in Sierra Leone as far back as 2007. From the period of 2007 to 2013, Patrick Saada helped develop the mine and was, during this time, able to acquire a great knowledge in many diamond mining industry aspects and principles, such as geology, metallurgy, engineering, and, of course, mining.

But Patrick Saada and Infinite Diam are not just about mining – they are also greatly involved in diamond trading. Infinite Diam confirms that the firm has a long-standing investment in the distribution of rough diamonds, and every month, an expert team from the company sources, prepares and markets assortments to a loyal base of customers. The ultimate goal of Infinite Diam is for the diamonds to reach the ideal customer so the production value of the company is optimized.

Today, however, comes another expansion further into the diamond industry. This time, Patrick Saada is involved in diamond jewelry through Galith, his own jewelry brand which is run and operated by his daughter, who is also named Galith. What makes the Galith brand extra special is the fact that its goal is to eliminate the markups and the middlemen often associated with diamond jewelry trading and selling. As Galith explains, "Many jewelry houses have made fine diamond jewelry accessible to very few. Galith's mission is to leverage her unique position in the diamond business and to bring her clients closer in the process, eliminating the middlemen and markups."

What this basically means is that customers who purchase gorgeous diamond jewelry from the Galith brand will not only be able to benefit from fully-customised designs, especially when it comes to engagement rings – they will also be able to benefit from lower and more reasonable pricing, because the Galith brand sources its diamonds directly from Infinite Diam.

About Patrick Saada
Patrick Saada's fame and popularity as a diamond industry expert has stretched far and wide for many years. Today, Patrick Saada adds more to his achievements with the launching of a jewelry company. To learn more about partick saada as well as Galith, the online jewelry shop, visit Mr. Saada's website.