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Gallery Yoga Officially Opens in Scottsdale, Bringing in Yoga and Art While Benefiting the Walter Hive


Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/02/2018 --Gallery Yoga, a yoga-meets-art gallery space that curates yoga classes in artistic settings for ultimate creative sensory immersion, this week announced their studio in Scottsdale, Arizona is officially open at Walter Art Gallery.

Aiming to bring yoga, art, and philanthropy to the forefront of Scottsdale, proceeds from all Gallery Yoga classes will be donated to The Walter Hive, an educational workshop nonprofit that provides opportunity for sustainable skill set development.

"What we are doing is simple: we are offering yoga classes in a unique art gallery setting to support an inspirational nonprofit mission," said Kate Swarm, Studio Director at Gallery Yoga. "The Hive works every single day to show each individual that they are empowered with their own set of unique gifts to change the world. As yoga practitioners and artists, we know that connecting people through creative expression is the easiest way to make an impact. Therefore, we are bringing it all together."

Gallery Yoga leverages their spaces every day to make the world a happier, healthier, and more connected place. As Swarm concluded, "The beauty, power, and intention of the visual world created by our rotating artists is only magnified by the physical and emotional practice guided by teachers."

Known for connecting people through compassion, art, and creative expression, the Walter Hive weaves positivity through the greater Scottsdale community. Empowering the community through expression in art and technology, the Hive coordinates workshops, seminars, and hands-on activities that help local residents refine their skill-sets while exploring their talents.

"We exist because we want to gift as many people as we can with the knowledge to know they can change the world," said Nan McCoy, Executive Director of the Walter Hive. "Our nonprofit is grateful for all local movements and companies that support our work – especially our friends at Gallery Yoga, helping us to further our mission and create a world of sustainable happiness, support, and love." Since Nan believes that "all things should start with heart," that's exactly what she does every day with this growing nonprofit.

Gallery Yoga is committed to, above all, offering a space for transformation, inspiration, connection, and personal growth. They believe there is no better setting than practicing yoga right in a beautifully architected art space, now available in Scottsdale. All classes are $10 each, and will support the Walter Hive.

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