Gaming Developer Peyton Burnham Invites Lovers of the Eight Bit Format to Join His Crusade


Memphis, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2017 --Gamers who want to participate in the cutting edge of retro gaming have a rare opportunity to participate in the finalization of a Role Playing Game (RPG) that hearkens back to the antiquated look of 20th Century adventure games, nods to time-honored fairy tales of folklore and takes the player on a journey through time in a campaign to make the darkened world of Starcross light again.

This conception is not only an adventure through virtual time, but through gaming time itself, emulating the look of Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers, Pac-Man and many other time-honored scenarios. This retro trend of gaming not only emulates the pixelized graphics of time-honored RPGs, but also features the digitized sound qualities of play along with the captions that inform the players of their progress across the landscape

Mac and PC users can participate in the latest and greatest installment of brilliance among the Retro Gaming Community by contributing to the Behind the Rose crowdfunding campaign.

This campaign invites contributors to become involved in a gaming phenomenon that sets the stage for a time when imagination and strategy were the tenets of gaming rather than flashy graphics and lack of story.

The player awakens as an amnesiac, in a time 300 years after a terrible tragedy. The Heavenly Queen has been taken hostage by the Dark Beast. Although her powers of healing and vanquishment of evil were inherent, her pursuit of evil found her imprisoned by a hexing ritual, sealed by a door marked by a rose.

This unique opportunity invites contributors to this campaign to become involved in the end game creation by offering design opportunities to top-tier participants.

Those who pledge at the $175 level are invited to design a specific item that will be featured within the landscape. Contributors at the $350 level are afforded the privilege of designing an enemy and those at the $500 level are empowered with designing a Boss, complete with backstory and character behavior.

Additionally, a $1,000 pledge earns a Personal Financing Lesson from "Tonic," the principal designer of the game.

Other rewards include T-shirts, physical soundtracks, posters and early access to the game.

Gamers who are hip to the look, sound, feel and intellectual engagement of classic RPG are going into the mystery of Starcross, on a quest to free the Heavenly Queen and, ultimately, Behind the Rose.