GAP Technologies, Inc.

GAP Technologies Launches, a Cutting-Edge Voter Engagement Platform


Cheektowaga, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/18/2018 --GAP Technologies, Inc., developer and host of the popular higher education survey and assessment platform, today announced the launch of its new product, The platform will provide innovative polling and statistical reporting tools to enhance the quality of communications between elected representatives and their constituents.

Increasingly, politicians are using social media, email, virtual town halls, and other technologies to communicate with their constituents. builds on the openness and transparency afforded by modern communications platforms, while correcting their shortcomings. Leveraging advanced validation technologies, cuts out noise from outside the voting district, and puts actionable voter feedback at the fingertips of elected officials.

The platform provides an interactive interface for voters to attend virtual town halls, track bills and legislative issues, and even vote on how they would like their representative to proceed. Elected officials get real insight into their voters' needs, with access to validated poll results specific to their own districts, and the ability to share information and resources directly with their constituents. "Our mission is to give great analytical data to our Congressional representatives," says GAP president Larry Piegza, "With better data, we believe that we can limit some of partisan aspect of politics, making the legislative process easier and more representative of voter preferences." strives to deliver on this mission by partnering with seated legislators as well as candidates who are actively running for office. When a legislator or candidate signs up with, they are showing that they are committed to listening to their constituents. In exchange for their commitment to, candidates will receive a profile and affiliation to gain valuable exposure, and get an edge over their competition by unequivocally demonstrating their commitment to voters.

A leading provider of analytic software solutions for colleges and universities located throughout the United States, GAP Technologies is original developer and host to the suite of survey and analytics tools. Over its 15+ years in business, GAP has developed statistical analytics tools that ensure utmost security and validity while delivering the most powerful and versatile polling and analysis tools available on the market today. marks GAP's expansion into the civics and government market, and draws on the company's expertise in providing new tools to help legislators and citizens stay informed and engaged in productive political discourse across the nation. For more information, please call 716-803-1120 or visit