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Requirements for Garage Liability Insurance in Florida, Georgia & Elsewhere Vary Greatly

The experienced team at will ensure that all businesses who need it get the right form of quality, affordable garage liability insurance.


Apopka, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2016 is a proven, experienced choice when it comes to finding the correct type of garage liability insurance. Florida business owners have been relying upon them for more than a dozen years, and recently, the company has branched out to offer their services in an additional six states. The new markets for the company include Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and West Virginia. One thing that is essential for businesses across all of these different states and beyond to realize is that the requirements for garage liability insurance vary greatly from one state to the next.

In certain states, simply obtaining this form of insurance is a licensing requirement for motor vehicle dealers. For example, Louisiana garage keepers liability is a requirement for all dealers in order to operate, with a mandated $55,000 minimum. If a dealership wants to operate, this is an absolute requirement that cannot be bypassed. Other states may not require it for licensing, however, even in this cases it is still quite important for any used vehicle dealership in order to maintain proper operation and also to be fully protected.

Elsewhere, the limits may vary. As an example, Georgia garage keepers liability must be obtained by used motor vehicle dealerships with a $125,000 single limit, or a 50k/100k/25k policy.

It's not only used car dealerships who should be utilizing garage liability insurance, however. Many other businesses can and should make use of this form of protection. Truly, any business which works on, moves or stores a customer's vehicle is in need of garage liability coverage.

This means that Florida garage keepers insurance may be utilized by businesses including valet parking garages, oil change and tire shops, mechanics, car washes, and many others. It's always essential to have the proper protection and precaution in place when it comes to business liability insurance.

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