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Garcia Boat Detailing Specializes in Quality Bottom Painting in Hollywood and North Miami Beach, Florida

To keep the boat’s hull free of marine growth, selecting right bottom paint is extremely important.


Dania Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/12/2019 --Because of the steps involved in the process of bottom painting, most of the boat owners are most likely to use professional service for the same. The process is as simple as sanding the bottom of the boat, stripping old paint, applying a primer to the keel with a roller brush.

With that said, handling such a task is not a child's play. On the contrary, it requires a certain level of skill and understanding as to how to approach the job. Bottom painting Hollywood and North Miami Beach, Florida, is necessary as it prevents the growth of an organism that attaches to the hull and can affect the vessel's speed, performance, and durability when the boat is kept in water for an extended period.

Pulling it out of the water may cause the organism to vanish for the time being. However, as it returns the water, the problems begin to surface again. To avoid such hassle, using the bottom is necessary.

Depending on the type of the boat, frequency of use, and desired level of maintenance, bottom painting is required. There's no hard and first rule, though. If someone goes on sailing on the weekend, it is essential to consider the above factors again.

As for the boat speed, ablative bottom paint erodes over time as it loses its property. Sometimes, there could be a growth of slime that might cause the boat to slow down and use more fuel. Using proper bottom paint will prevent such things, eliminating the factors that cause the boat to slow down.

Garcia Boat Detailing offers a range of boat bottom repairs that go beyond boat bottom painting. Over the years, they have worked on many boats, and they can provide an accurate assessment of the condition.

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