NutriPretty Debuts as First Weight Loss Product Embraced by Fashionistas


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2014 --First-of-its-kind weight loss supplement does double duty – helps users lose weight effectively and maintain glamorous style & sophistication.

Garcinia Cambogia is no longer a newcomer to the weight loss marketplace – by now everyone has heard of this wonder compound's ability to help users melt away fat and keep the weight off. So why is NutriPretty bottles flying off shelves? Because the new weight loss supplements brand is establishing itself as more than an efficient health product: it's an entree into an exclusive fashion-forward lifestyle!

The startup success relies on offering a product that is effective, fast-acting, safe and with an “it factor” that comes with an undeniable high fashion cachet.

Fashionistas flock to NutriPretty

The NutriPretty market approach is simple: the high fashion crowd who never wants to be seen carrying a weight loss bottle pills finally gets what it has been looking for.

Eye-candy appeal; the package arrives in an elegant black gift box that for many is itself a keepsake item. Inside, the adorable NutriPretty bottle comes inside a polka-dotted tulle bag that is likewise quite fetching. The overall impression is like something one would find in a gift bag from an extremely swanky event. This attention to detail and fashion appeal has not gone unnoticed by weight loss supplement consumers looking for a departure from the same old packaging.

The combination of proven effectiveness, cute design and clever marketing has NutriPretty poised to become the next health and wellness supplement craze. Those little black boxes with the polka dot badging are instantly recognizable and in high demand. Women are buying them for themselves as a status symbol gift and there are even reports of “health couture” NutriPretty gift exchanges – this may be the only recorded instance of it being polite (or welcome) to gift someone a weight loss supplement!

In a nod to fashion crossed with convenience, NutriPretty also arrives with a cute little pocket bottle included. The pocket bottle gives consumers another option and means there's no need to haul around the full pill bottle (even though it looks great) – transfer a few pills for the day or the week-end (contains up to 15 pills) and be ready to go!

Garcinia Cambogia actually works

Excitement about NutriPretty is not just about cute packaging; there is an abundance of substance behind the style. Garcinia Cambogia truly took off when Oprah favorite television doctor investigated HCA (the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia) and determined there was substance to the weight loss claim.

Clinical research also demonstrated the scientific principles behind the weight loss results.

The National Institutes of Health have studied HCA and their research supports substantial reduction in test subjects' body weight and Body Mass Index (BMI), without requirement of intensive exercise or dieting. With that kind of official support of effective weight loss results, it's no wonder that Garcinia Cambogia is in such incredible demand.

NutriPretty utilizes Amazon's secure ordering service

In a departure from the industry norm, NutriPretty is determined to operate transparently and treat customers with respect. The company does not pre-charge customers for products and decided not to operate its own website as a vehicle for collecting and charging credit cards. NutriPretty is sold on Amazon, so customers can feel secure that purchases will be honored, without the funny business that characterizes less reputable supplement vendors.

About NutriPretty
NutriPretty offers a safe and effective supplement, and the only one that makes an appealing fashion statement. More information about NutriPretty available on Amazon.