Gary Barbera's on the Boulevard

Gary Barbera Enhances Philadelphia's Environment with Innovative Initiatives for Earth Day 2024


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/23/2024 --Gary Barbera's on the Boulevard is reinforcing its commitment to environmental stewardship in Philadelphia through the Gary Barbera Cares Program, marking Earth Day 2024 with significant enhancements in local sustainability efforts. This family-owned dealership is not only an advocate but a proactive leader in community cleanliness and recycling initiatives.

As a founding participant of the Adopt-a-Highway program and a key supporter of cloud-based Big Belly solar recycling stations, Gary Barbera's on the Boulevard continues to pioneer solutions that lessen environmental impacts and promote urban cleanliness. These initiatives are part of a broader effort to maintain the beauty and health of Philadelphia's environment, significantly reducing the carbon footprint and supporting citywide sustainability.

Adopt-a-Highway: A Legacy of Cleanliness
Since its inception 22 years ago, Gary Barbera's on the Boulevard has been the foremost supporter of Pennsylvania's Adopt-a-Highway program, starting with the initiative launched by Governor Edward G. Rendell in 2002. Extending its reach, the dealership now maintains over 12 miles of Route 1 Roosevelt Boulevard, ensuring continuous and effective litter removal that benefits both the community and the environment.

Big Belly Solar Recycling Kiosks: Innovating Urban Sustainability In partnership with local authorities, Gary Barbera's on the Boulevard has maintained over 200 Big Belly units—dual-function solar-powered trash and recycling kiosks—across key Philadelphia neighborhoods including Center City, South Street, Society Hill, Old City, the Museum District, and Temple University. These state-of-the-art units not only reduce waste management costs but also enhance the city's recycling capabilities, making it easier for residents and visitors to dispose of recyclables responsibly.

Impact and Outreach
The combination of these programs has positioned Gary Barbera's on the Boulevard as a pivotal player in Philadelphia's environmental management strategies, which are crucial for reducing the annual $48 million expenditure on litter removal. The dealership's efforts align with broader city goals of sustainability and public cleanliness, contributing to a healthier, cleaner Philadelphia.

A Call to Action
Gary Barbera remarks, "These initiatives represent a dual benefit—they serve our community and set a benchmark for environmental responsibility in urban settings. We are proud to lead by example, demonstrating that business leadership extends beyond economics to ecological impact."

This Earth Day, Gary Barbera's on the Boulevard invites all Philadelphians to join in these vital environmental efforts, reinforcing the city's commitment to cleanliness and sustainability for future generations.