Gecko Easily Transforms Any USB Port or Power Bank Into a Magnetic, Wireless Charging Station


Rotterdam, Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2015 --Gecko, the revolutionary new USB Port Adapter which easily transforms any USB Port or Power Bank into a Magnetic, Wireless Charging Station, is live on IndieGogo and raising funds to bring the product to market.

"Gecko allows you to charge iPhone and Android devices faster than current wireless chargers and without the bulky specialized cases," says co-founder Andreas De Wit.

The Gecko is a simple three-piece kit. First, there is the Gecko Connector, a small, thin plug for lighting or Micro-USB ports that can be used without a bumper. Next is the Gecko Adapter, a magnetic adapter for existing sync and/or charge cables. Finally, there is the Gecko Dongle, a small dongle that transforms all a user's power-banks or USB port in a convenient, wireless-style changing station. Both the Connector and Dongle magnetically auto-align themselves and being charging instantly.

Gecko allows users, in a single action, to start charging their mobile phones allowing allows users to forget about cables and the correct side that goes into the phone. The days of fiddling with your charger with both hands to align everything are gone. The magnetic connection also allows for easy connection and detachment, instantly and magically in a single motion. You also never have to remove your case to charge your phone with Gecko.

"When we set out to design Gecko we envisioned users charging their devices with the same easy gesture as simply setting down your phone on your desk," De Wit continued as he laid out his vision, "Gecko provides a seamless charging experience like nothing else on the market."

Gecko's wireless, magnetic charger boasts a quicker charging time than traditional charges and measures roughly less than the size of a quarter. The thin and seamless design means you can install once and forget that Gecko is even attached to your phone.

The Gecko Magnetic Wireless Adapter starts at an incredible $1 on Indiegogo in exchange for a single social share for the earliest backers with multiple quantities available at higher costs. If the campaign is successful, Gecko plans to enter production in January 2016 with shipping beginning in late January / February 2016.

Gecko is now live and available for purchase on Indiegogo:

About Gecko
Gecko is the world's first magnetic wireless-style charging adapter. Founded by team of technical manufacturers, engineers, and designers, they set out to create products that make live's simpler and easier through technology. With Gecko, they have created their initial product launch with a product that revolutionizes the way we charge our phones. They are currently raising funds through Indiegogo, the world's largest crowdfunding platform.

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