Georgia Cash Advance Laws Deny Payday Loans But Allow Other Small Loan Types educates Georgia borrowers to protect them from predatory lenders.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2010 -- Consumers seeking a cash advance in Georgia should be aware that the State of Georgia passed legislation in 2004 making cash advance payday loans illegal in the state.

Cash advances are a great option for people struggling financially to avoid missing payments. wants to make sure borrowers are educated so they get the most from their cash advance, thus avoiding the many pitfalls associated with these types of loans. is the only cash advance network providing this type of education to its borrowers.

Some of the laws that govern payday loan advances in Georgia are:

• Payday loans have a maximum interest rate of 16%
• Cash advances must be below $3,000 or different laws apply
• Loans may be from 15 days to 36 months in length.
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Information is also available for cash advance laws in Atlanta, with more areas to come.

Getting a small loan in Georgia can be complicated. Visiting the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance, borrowers can find a wealth of information regarding cash advances and other small loan types. Specifically there is a listing of the licensed lenders in the state. Consumers may also use this site to submit complaints about lenders.

Consumers who are having financial problems should only take out cash advance payday loans as a last resort. It is also essential to repay cash advances on time to avoid additional fees.

Since 1997, has been the most established and trusted name in the payday loan industry. Educating consumers on the laws and practices in their state and community, has once again proven it is America’s Cash Advance Network.

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