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Ger-Ar Trading DME Introduces ResMed CPAP in Miami and Miami Beach

For those who are suffering from sleep apnea, wearing CPAP masks will be the wisest choice.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/23/2017 --According to the latest study conducted in the USA, 45% of all adults snore occasionally, and 25% snore almost all the time. Almost 60% of them are overweight people who reportedly suffer from snoring. CPAP is one such reliable device that can prevent sleep apnea and snoring.

The snoring sound typically emits due to an obstruction in the airflow through the passages located at the back of the nose and mouth. It is only in recent years that medical professionals have discovered the adverse effects of snoring and its association with sleep apnea. Ger-ar Trading DME is a leading supplier of such CPAP masks in Miami and Kendall FL that are available at affordable pricing.

Of all methods employed so far to alleviate snoring and sleep apnea such as UPPP, LAUP, and others, CPAP has proven to be one of the most effective methods to reduce and eliminate sleep apnea and snoring. It has a special nasal mask which is used to deliver air into one's airway. The mask creates enough pressure with the flow of air when one inhales. According to doctors, CPAP is the most useful non-surgical treatment that is available to reduce sleep apnea and snoring.

To be confirmed whether the device is the right treatment for one, one can consider visiting an expert otolaryngologist. If it is, one will have to wear the nasal mask to bed each night. During treatment, one will have to undertake some lifestyle changes, such as exercising, losing weight, and quitting smoking.

Present in the US and Latin America, Ger-ar Trading DME has been selling Non-invasive flow generators such as CPAP, VPAP, AutoCPAP and more from RESMED, sleep diagnostics equipment by EMBLA and Oxygenotherapy and Oximetry from Nonin. With their experience and know-how, the experts offer high-quality customer service and provide quality technical and commercial support.

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Ger-ar Trading DME is present in the US and Latin America since 2005 selling Non-invasive flow generators (CPAP, VPAP, AutoCPAP) from RESMED, sleep disorder diagnostics equipment by EMBLA and Oxygenotherapy and oximetry from Nonin.