Get in on the Nightlife with the Nightingale App

The local nightlife can be a great time. Unfortunately, many newcomers to this scene feel out of place. To remedy this issue is Nightingale, showing the hottest nearby clubs and events.


Arlington, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2016 --According to the Nightlife & Club Industry Association of America (NCIAA), the entertainment industry is thriving, expanding to around seventy thousand locations. (1) With this extensiveness it is hard to decide which place or event to attend. Here to help is the Nightingale app, designed to make anything from a fun Friday outing to corporate networking easy to plan with just a few taps. Nightingale concisely displays all the information anyone could need to know in order to decide which events are a good fit. This technique ensures that no one wastes time wandering from club to club only to face disappointment.

To achieve this goal, both objective and subjective indicators of 'event match' are displayed. Objective factors include hours of operation and formality of dress, preventing thrill-seekers from being turned away at the door. Perhaps even more important are the subjective factors like the type of music played at the event, which is vital knowledge to gauging one's own enjoyment. To add to this wealth of information is a value of convenience. For the user's convenience, Nightingale automatically connects to the user's phone's map app, allowing Nightingale to search for nearby events and give directions. As a side benefit, users are able to register for events and buy tickets directly through Nightingale, saving time.

The other side of Nightingale is its ability to streamline socialization. This emphasis on connectivity is embodied in Nightingale's Tingle Chat. In Tingle Chat, users can message online users who are at the same event, eliminating the discouraging loneliness that sometimes comes with attending a new event. Unfortunately, an app with this sort of scope takes resources to create. To help accelerate Nightingale's evolution out of beta, the Nightingale team has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Patrons will be treated with a free premium subscription. With the support of readers socialization and networking will soon be easier than ever with the Nightingale app.

About Nightingale
Nightingale was conceived by American Germain Gidi, a versed engineer and budding cyber security specialist. He was motivated by unsettling tales of friends appearing at a club only to find themselves out of place due to the atmosphere or dress code. To solve this issue he set out to create a consolidated database of events paired with a layer of social interaction. Partnering with the expert app developers at Zapporoo, his dream is well on its way to reality.

To learn more or support Nightingale visit the Kickstarter campaign page.