Xtreme Air 5k

Get Ready, Get Set - BOUNCE in This Epic 5k in Iola

This bouncy obstacle course 5k in Iola is fun for the entire family!


Iola, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/15/2016 --For all the Iola residents that haven't heard – get ready to be amazed, excited, and have a total blast at this new 5k in Iola! Participants are encouraged to wake up that inner-child, grab a friend, and spring into a bouncing good time this August. Bright and early on August 13th 2016, runners (and walkers) of all ages will experience a very different kind of 5k in Iola at the XtremeAIR 5k. Unlike the other 5k runs in Wisconsin, this one is more about having fun versus cutthroat competition. But this doesn't mean that runners with a competitive side can't turn this event into a fun AND challenging race. It's a two for one kind of deal! Unlike other 5k obstacle courses that involve dangerous wall climbs, crawling under barbed wires, and wading through questionable mud pits, XtremeAIR 5k was created with a more easy-going spirit in mind. The former might be a great idea for some extreme fitness pros, but very intimidating for the rest that just want to have a good time. This 5k run truly is suitable for all shapes and sizes! Participants will get to enjoy the benefits of all things fitness related while racing their friends to the finish line. What could top this much fun on a Saturday morning? Nothing! Soon to be brides grab the maid of honor and challenge the groom and his best man to a woman against man bounce-off. Moms and dads show the kids that the old folks still got it and see who can climb the steepest 3 story inflatable first!

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Here's what it looks like: 12 high-quality and durable inflatable obstacles (made from industrial grade materials and equipped with safety netting) stretch across the beautiful Iola Car Show Grounds, located at 130 Jenson Dr, Iola, WI 54945. Directions can be found here. The first obstacle, Game On, gives the body a warmup and prepares for what's next. I'm Tired is precisely the feeling that participants will be expressing after they complete this one! The Cliffhanger is, well, just that, ushering participants to climb a daunting 3 story hill and back down again. But none compare to The Beast. This little number (or should we say BIG number), combines all of the obstacles up until this one, making it a challenging and laughable workout. What's the best part about these obstacles? The exercise and the fun that will be had when it's all said and done will be worthwhile as teams and their peers make their way to the finish line. Nothing but laughter and enjoyment will be permeating from the sidelines! XtremeAIR 5k believes that everyone that is willing and able to partake on this adventurous bouncy 5k in Iola is the ultimate winner and that is why the race will end with cool prizes for everyone! NO one leaves without a candid picture being taken either! Friends and family are encouraged to view the festivities from the spectator seating on the sidelines or at one of those comfy shaded pavilions. Walk, run, race, or crawl through this fantastic event of any 5k run in Wisconsin!

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Sign up today and reserve a spot before they sell out! Each wave is convenient to fit participants' schedules and the list of wave times can be found on the registration page. Runners of all ages are encouraged to participate, as long as they meet the 48" minimum height requirement. Thinking about forming a team? No problem! Teams get a special discount when they sign up. Military and first responders get a special discount as well! Package pickup is strongly encouraged the day before the race at the pickup location (which can be found here) or no later than one hour before their wave time. If there are any tickets left and last minute members want to join, ticket purchase is available on race day. Ticket prices go up on race day however, so why wait? Get your tickets today!

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About XtremeAIR 5k
The XtremeAIR 5k Obstacle Race is a very bouncy 5k run that will have participants laughing, smiling, sweating, and bouncing up and down with fun. Add a little (actually a huge) spring to the old fitness step and try something new. This XtremeAIR 5k Obstacle Race is the hot new ticket in town! Who wouldn't want to propel themselves up an inflatable mountain and then get to slide all the way back down or climb, duck and dodge through the Guantlet obstacle. And that's just two of the 12 obstacles to bounce around on—there are 10 more inflatable challenges that must be added to the mix to get the full XtremeAIR 5k fun experience! Sign up today to experience this Xtremely FUN Indianapolis 5k!