ProAir Pole System

Get Yourself in the Shot with the ProAir Pole System, an Action Camera System Designed to Capture the User in the Action


Leeds, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/21/2017 --The ProAir Pole System is a revolutionary new product designed to let users get in the shot when using their action cameras. It has just gone live on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and is raising funds to bring the project to life.

The ProAir Pole System is comprised of the Pole, and four different base mounts. These base mounts allow the pole to be attached onto a huge range of equipment and items, including directly on to the user, so great footage can be achieved in almost any sport, leaving hands free from holding the pole or camera.

"I was first inspired to make this product when I found that I had accumulated hours of footage from my action camera, in various sports, but almost none of it was of me," says 19 year old Founder and CEO Euan Cox, who is currently an engineering student at the University of Leeds. "I wanted to see myself in the action, but instead the footage I had only showed my view. So, after finding nothing suitable on the market that I could use to consistently film myself in the action, I set out to make something new"

The ProAir Pole System has been refined for over two years through relentless testing. Only by using the pole on ski slopes, under water, scaling vertical cliffs, pillar jumping, mountain biking, windsurfing, and more, did the company discover practical difficulties in using earlier prototypes, which they then set about resolving and improving. The result is truly a pole made by dedicated action sports enthusiasts, for dedicated action sports enthusiasts.

The action packed set is suitable for virtually any sport, so users can now more easily utilize their camera systems to view themselves performing in action from the third person, rather than a first person view. The results are high impact videos that showcase athletic skill where the user becomes the star of their own feats.

ProAir Pole System has also been awarded a financial award and acceptance into the prestigious Leeds Innovation Centre Business Incubator where Cox has direct access with the country's leading entrepreneurs for advice, guidance and mentoring.

"The market was saturated with mounts which film what you see, but the best footage is not of what you see, it's of you, in the action. If you wanted to film yourself in your sport you generally had to either sacrifice your hands to use a hand held pole, or spend around £1000 on a drone," adds Cox. "Neither of these were viable options for me, and I knew others must be in similar situations. This gap in the market presented an opportunity for me to create something new"

The ProAir Pole System is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About ProAir Pole System
ProAir is an innovative new company dedicated to helping action camera users capture great footage of themselves in the action. Founded by 1st year university student Euan Cox, ProAir is a UK based company which prides its-self on its product quality and customer satisfaction. ProAir Aims to become a leading force in the action camera accessory market by using innovative solutions to solve common problems. The 'ProAir Pole System' is an example of this and is the first of a product line which hopes to revolutionize the standard of footage that can be obtained by action camera users.

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