Austin Kaye

Gil Kerbashian 2012 Purchase Money Lender of the Year

Our year long review of Residential Lending Loan Officers has culminated with Gil Kerbashian being chosen as Mortgage Lender of the Year for 2012.


Long Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/13/2013 is a national consulting firm that has a database of 20,000 loan consultants and real estate industry professionals. Many of our participating professionals take part in our customer service awards initiative (CSAI).

Our CSAI process reviews the production of participants, sends surveys to consumers for feedback and uses that information to establish performance reviews. The survey is extensive and requires a minimum production number and client base from our members. These participant's production numbers must equal the Top 1% of national consultants. has invited 20,000 professionals to take part in this competition of quality. Less than 3,000 were willing to have their performance reviewed, only 200 Loan Officers nationally met the basic requirements of production and experience, of those very few made the grade to the Five Star level.

After a lengthy review process, We're proud to anounce that Gil Kerbashian has been chosen as one of our Nation's Top Residential Loan Officers.