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Girardi:Keese Celebrated at the Top Their Field

Daily Journal confirms Girardi|Keese Lawyers are three of California's best plaintiff attorneys.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2015 --Wrongful Death Consultants offers congratulations to the firm of Girardi|Keese for cultivating the character of excellence, and consequently achieving recognition . Thomas V. Girardi, Amy F. Solomon, and David R. Lira were chosen three of the twenty-five top plaintiff lawyers in California by the Daily Journal in its first special issue devoted to Plaintiff attorneys.

The focus of Girardi|Keese is to "help David fight Goliath" but make no mistake. Girardi|Keese is itself a giant in California Law. As defenders of victims, these plaintiff lawyers excel at fighting in the big leagues against foes like Pacific Gas & Electric, El Paso Gas, Sempra Energy, Exxon, Shell, Ford Motor Company, and the Walt Disney Company, to name just a few. Longtime baseball fan, Tom Girardi, hit an $18 million home run in Dodger stadium for assault victim Bryan Stowe. We know personally that Girardi|Keese eclipses all others in fighting for the families of victims of high profile international aviation crash cases. Across the board, the firm has recovered more than $10 billion for their clients.

The common theme among G|K lawyers is a dedication to having a positive impact. According to Thomas V. Girardi, "The great part about being a trial lawyer, you can definitely help sometimes, to clear up a problem, so that maybe it won't hurt other people." Amy F. Solomon's intent is to insure client's voices don't go unheard. David R. Lira's ambition is that his advocacy will bring about positive change.

Wrongful Death Associates are not lawyers, but we work with lawyers, and we know lawyers. We concur with the Daily Journal's assessment. Congratulations Tom, Amy and David!

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