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Give Bytes Launch Changes the Charitable Donations Landscape with a New "Crowd-Mining" Platform

Making wallets none the wiser, a new crowd-mining campaign site empowers the compassion-driven not-necessarily super tech savvy who want to give charitable donations effortlessly.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2018 --Welcome to the digital age. It's a place where using a computer can not only do vast and wondrous things, it can fund altruistic causes by simply turning it on. Enter, Give Bytes. They're the newly-launched platform seeking to change the world with computer energy that translates into charitable donations. Using the power of the blockchain now any computer user anywhere, regardless of their technical knowledge or socioeconomic status, can anonymously give without ever actually touching their wallet. With one, two, three simplicity, a user signs on to Give Bytes, picks a cause, and clicks on the "Start Mining" button. From there, the computer's processing power is converted to a donation. Thinking outside the box, the personal computer now has the potential to become a benevolent global equalizer.

So how does it work? Give Bytes works by using a computer's control center which is called the central processing unit or, CPU. On average, if not doing power-centric operations like 3D rendering or mining cryptocurrency, only 10 to 30% of a computer's CPU is used. Cryptocurrency mining is a new widely-publicized way to convert a computer's CPU energy into financial rewards. Think of it as free digital money that can be converted to cash or used to buy products and services. However, when a computer's CPU is not used, it could have been earmarked to make a difference in the world.

Thus, Give Bytes begs the question, "Why not utilize spare CPU energy? We can do good and convert the excess power into financial aid for the cause of your choice."

Jacob Piotrowski, Co-founder & CEO of Give Bytes, said of the revolutionary fundraising idea, "On average every six to eight hours of mining can produce between $0.01 to $1. It's not much. But, if 10,000 people do it every day, it could make a very real impact on those who would otherwise never receive a donation. Our goal is to build a platform where 100% of income from mining goes directly to the fundraisers like, for instance, the Daktari African Wildlife Orphanage. There are significantly more people full of compassion who use computers than those who can afford to donate money. I've been talking with my friend who's also a blockchain enthusiast and we asked ourselves this question - 'How can we empower people who want to contribute to fundraising campaigns but can't afford it?' We started brainstorming and came up with Give Bytes."

To fuel the project, Piotrowski seeks early-stage investments for Give Bytes and has joined Sir Richard Branson's Voom competition. To vote for Give Bytes visit

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About Give Bytes
Give Bytes is the only cryptocurrency fundraising platform that raises money for charities, noble initiatives, local communities, individuals, and artists, among various other concerns. Additionally, the site endeavors to strengthen the blockchain's capacity to support a new economy whereby governmental and banking organizations have no influence.

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