Vitiligo Research Foundation

Giving Support to Neglected Areas of Society and Culture

Vitiligo Research Foundation founder, Dmitry Aksenov, lends much needed support to neglected vitiligo patients as well as young artists.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2013 --Dmitry Aksenov is well known for heading into uncharted territories when it comes to his business activities in the Moscow building industry, but his philathropic activities are yet another area where he has chosen to head into the unknown and support neglected causes and lesser known facets of facets of the arts.

Since it's inception the Vitiligo Research Foundation, founded by Aksenov himself, has been at the forefront of the search for a cure for the much neglected autoimmune disease vitiligo, and at the forefront of patient advocacy with the World Vitiligo Day campaign, it's support of education programs, new patient support groups and the new CloudBank online patient registry tool.

Mr. Aksenov has also been an enthusiastic supporter of modern art with his patronage of the Vienna fair, the relaunch of which he was instrumental in bringing into reality in 2012. Each year is focused on giving young and up and coming contemporary artists the stage upon which to gain recognition and support for their work. This year the Vienna fair took place from October 10-13 and featured work from more than 27 countries, lectures and programmes that once again made it a center for information about the developments in the Eastern and Southeastern European art scenes.

This years World Vitiligo Day campaign saw the unexpected yet apt joining of these two areas of Mr. Aksenov's charity work when New York based mural artist Stephanie Corne joined the World Vitiligo Campaign in Detroit on June the 25th of this year to paint and photograph vitiligo patients for the awareness campaign in a new project called 'Facemotions'. As Stephanie herself says, the goal of each work was to find the beauty that lies within each subject and really make it shine. The works are now published on her website and will be exhibitied in the near future.

As profitability and mass marketing become more and more the norm, neglected diseases, like vitiligo, and cultural forms of expression like contemporary visual art are more and more thrust aside and it is the support of people like Mr. Aksenov that will truly make a difference and make the world a much more diverse and caring place.