Glamira Makes the Cut with Diamond Engagement Rings

Glamira specializes in selling and manufacturing custom jewelry, which includes their growing product line of engagement and wedding rings.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2016 --Glamira is known throughout Europe and the United States as being one an industry leader in the jewelry market. Glamira specializes in selling and manufacturing custom jewelry, which includes their growing product line of engagement and wedding rings. Consumers are familiar with the Glamira brand, and other jewelers will often work with Glamira in the custom design of jewelry and engagement rings.

About Glamira
Glamira's first store opened in Heilbronn, Germany in 1999, and is where their headquarters and head offices are located today. Through the years, Glamira has become a well-known and reputable name and brand in the European jewelry sector.

Although Glamira isn't particularly new to the European jewelry market, the company has expanded greatly in such a short timeframe. The company has implemented and executed huge changes in operations in order to expand, improve, and further develop its growing product line to not only expand their customer base but to also better serve their customers. One of these expansions was to sell and manufacture custom jewelry. This decision was brought to fruition in 2011.

Glamira has come a long way from first opening their doors in Germany in 1999. Through their experience, determination, and intelligent business decisions, Glamira has grown to become a global icon in custom jewelry for their unique portfolio, impressive product line, and their personalized service and attention to customers.

About Products by Glamira. Glamira specializes in custom wedding rings, including engagement rings. Their products range in color, cut, and style, including white and yellow gold bands, precious and semi-precious stones, and unique cuts.

Glamira's line of engagement ring styles and cuts include the following:

- Round cut
- Diamond cut
- Princess cut
- Heart diamond cut
- Emerald diamond cut
-Oval diamond cut

Some of their engagement ring styles include the following:

- Solitaire diamond rings
- Three- and five-stone diamond rings
- Tension diamond rings
- Eternity diamond rings
- Lovely diamond rings
- Swing diamond rings

Glamira always stands by their products by offering customers with a Diamond Certificate, which documents the cut, clarity, color and the overall quality of the diamond with every diamond purchase. Certificates are certified and provided by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a nonprofit organization that specializes in the field of gemology, and the most widely known and reputable diamond institute in the world.

Glamira believes in providing value to all customers. Part of the company's mission is to learn about their customers, listen to their stories of commitment with the special people in their lives, and seeks to provide a personal touch in the design of all their products.

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