Glamira Puts the Glamour in Commitment


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/19/2016 --Glamira is one of the top industry leaders in the European jewelry market, specializing in selling and manufacturing custom jewelry, which includes their growing product line of engagement and wedding rings.

About Glamira
Glamira opened their first store in Heilbronn, Germany in 1999, which remains as their headquarters today. It still remains as a head office for its branches. Through the eight years that Glamira has been in business, they have seen a great deal of their success in the European jewelry sector.

In less than a decade, Glamira has implemented and executed huge changes in order to further develop its product line to better serve customers and even expand their customer base. It was through these changes that their trade name, GLAMIRA was established in 2011. Since then, GLAMIRA has developed a reputation for being one of the biggest names in the European jewelry market, particularly for their custom jewelry.

In 2012, GLAMIRA made the business decision to begin designing and developing their own unique products. This strategic move only led to more growth and even international success.

Because of these vast business model and strategic changes, GLAMIRA has come a long way from their first office in Germany. Glamira has grown to become and even described as a global icon for their vast portfolio, product line, and their mission to serve their customers, which is by far their greatest achievement.

About Products by Glamira
Glamira is known for specializing in custom wedding rings, and offers a wide product line, including color and style, such as white and yellow gold bands, a wide array of diamond cut, quality, and sizes, and even precious and semi-precious stones.

Because Glamira stands by their products, all diamond ring purchases come with a Diamond Certificate that document the cut, clarity, color and the overall quality of the diamond. Certificates are typically provided by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a nonprofit organization that specializes in the field of gemology, and is also the most widely known and reputable diamond institute in the world.

Part of the mission behind Glamira is to listen to customers, learn about their stories and personal relationships, and take that personal touch and build a beautiful, custom piece of jewelry that symbolizes the true unique bond between customers.

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A Commitment to the Future. The future of Glamira looks bright, just like one of their wedding rings. Glamira has made the commitment to further grow and develop the company to become a true global leader within the custom jewelry sector by working with customers to build a ring or another piece of jewelry that symbolizes commitment.


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