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Americans Start to Receive Covid-19 Vaccine, but Not Yet Available in Most Prisons

Pastor Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow Moves Judges To "Let My People Go.”


Vincent, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/06/2021 --The new stimulus payout proposal recently stalled in the senate, and hospitals around the country are overwhelmed with new Covid-19 cases. As Americans look around the country; they discover that the impact of the virus is far from over. Prisons are no different. This country's prisons, jails, and work camps hold millions of Americans. Most of which are sick elderly or non- violent. Incarcerated people are exposed to this virus just like everyone else around the world. The difference however, is that incarcerated people receive little to no medical care. They are not allowed to posses alcohol based hand sanitizer, and have no hope of practicing social distancing. For incarcerated people with underlying conditions; The Covid-19 pandemic has turned their conviction into a death sentence.

There are two million incarcerated people locked away in America's federal, state, and county facilities. In a recent article by The Marshal Project it was reported that "one in every five state and federal prisoners in the united states has tested positive for the Coronavirus; a rate more than four times as high as the general population." It's easy to see that the American criminal justice system is host to the nations largest and most deadly super spreader.

In a recent interview, Pastor Kenneth Sharpton -Glasgow, noted that 99% of all incarcerated people will one day be released to their communities. Upon release everyone infected with the virus has the potential to spread it to everyone they love, and their communities. With this in mind, Pastor Glasgow now moves judges, sheriffs and wardens to exercise their authority to release those incarcerated people who will soon be released anyway. Pastor Glasgow asks that they exercise sound discretion by releasing those who are most at risk of contracting this deadly virus. As of January 4, 2021 Pastor Glasgow starts to visit cities around Alabama such as Dothan, Montgomery, and Birmingham. He's asking everyone to support a simple unified desire "To Let My People Go." This wide spread movement is one inspired by the words of the biblical patriarch Moses as he spoke to the pharaoh about releasing the 'Hebrew children enslaved in Egypt.

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Kelly Patrick Riggs

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