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Glen Naylor's New War Veteran Tribute Song 'A Five O'clock Shadow' Available for Remembrance Day


Sydney, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/29/2013 --Glen Naylor an Australian song writer, who is known for her broad range of music versatility and who works with co-writer musician/producer Chris Wilson. Together, they have released 'A Five O'Clock Shadow'. The song is a tribute to war veterans both past and present. The current release makes perfect timing for Remembrance Day on the 11th November.

The image the song reflects couldn't be any closer to the truth and heart. Glen Naylor's co-writer, Chris Wilson is a disabled ex combat war veteran. His rich crisp vocals lead the way throughout the song.

Glen's powerful lyrics are accompanied by Chris on acoustic guitar, the songs title 'A Five O'clock Shadow' relates to how young many of the fallen soldiers are. This also becomes the main chorus "We were too young for a five O'clock shadow,? Despite the subject and topic, the song remains rather calm in nature.

As the song unfolds a harmonica features as one of the main parts of the song which offers a warmth and crisp sound, it also fits rather nicely.

Not keeping to one genre, Glen and Chris specialize in a wide range of music. From fun songs for kids about Kangaroos, Koalas or sleepy lullabies to a range of beautiful love songs that can be heard on the album 'Where the willows weep' some of them having a lovely jazz/lounge feel. The diversity in their music is often backed up by a country style and background.

Last month Glen gained a series of further achievements by featuring with three love songs in the top eight semifinalists in the Dallas songwriter Association contest. Her best placement was Number 2 for her song 'When Did You Know?' with a great vocal by Simone Gill.

Glen and Chris have received international recognition for their music in all genres. The album 'Bonza Bobby Dazzler Bush Band' has several award winning songs that were written specifically for children to enjoy.

The single A Five O Clock Shadow, is now available to buy on iTunes

Album mix "Where the willows weep" has some of the love songs and is available on iTunes.