GLITZKOIN Launches Diamond Price Estimator for Accurately Measuring the Value of Diamonds

Launched by Glitzkoin, the Diamond Price Estimator assesses the price of a diamond using the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut and carat), market mechanisms, and other factors.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2018 --When talking about the price of a diamond, it is important to have a clear understanding of the factors that determine the worth of the precious stone. The much talked about 4Cs are relevant but, surely not the only factors that affect the price of a diamond.

The 4Cs Of A Diamond:

- Color
- Clarity
- Cut
- Carat (weight)

Of these four parameters, color and clarity are features that can be a bit subjective. An untrained eye could make a wrong assessment and diamond sellers, can deliberately overstate these features hoping to quote a higher price for the stone.

Diamond experts agree that the best way to determine the 4Cs of a diamond, would be to get it certified from a reputed testing lab. This move would not only correctly assess the features of the stone but also, authenticate that the precious stone is natural. It is interesting to note that, a reliable diamond certificate can often drive a buy or sell decision. This even without the actual stone being seen or inspected.

The 4Cs are not the only factors that decide the price of a diamond, the market mechanism also plays a significant role. When assessing the supply and demand for a diamond, it is important to analyze information across all markets. International diamond trade has existed for decades, the GLITZKOIN diamond blockchain is going to further increase cross border trade, through the DiaEx Diamond Exchange. Demand for a particular diamond size or shape in one part of the world can, push up the price of such diamonds in a distant corner of the globe. As an example, a rise in demand for 1 carat diamonds in Europe, is likely to increase the demand for such stones in distant India.

Back to determining the price of a diamond, the 4Cs can be clearly defined with a diamond certification but, market logistics are not easy to estimate. As development for the GLITZKOIN Diamond Exchange (DiaEx) moves ahead at a brisk pace, a related module that features a high utility pricing tool has been released. The DPE (Diamond Price Estimator) is now ready and available to everyone. The tool is backed by a powerful engine that, gathers global data regarding the demand and supply for diamonds. Complex algorithms process those numbers and deliver a diamond (market) price, that is accurate to within +/- 15%. Buyers, sellers and even novices, can make use of this tool. Instant price estimates are available once the required parameters are fed into the system.

Since the DiaEx exchange is open to all diamond buyers and sellers, there is no possibility of the estimated price being biased in favor of any specific participating group. The best thing about the diamond price estimator is that, the user is not bound to trade on the GLITZKOIN diamond exchange. There is no charge to use the Diamond Price Estimator.

The GLITZKOIN Diamond Price Estimator is available on the website at look for the bar titled 'PRICE ESTIMATOR'.