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Global Genesis Group Acquires Worldwide Rights to Ford GT, an American Icon


Henderson, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2016 --Global Genesis Group is excited to announce that they have acquired the worldwide distribution rights to FORD GT, AN AMERICAN ICON, an original six episode TV series.

Ford GT, An American Icon is a new, original multi-episode nationally televised program series that takes a unique in-depth look at one of the most revered American sports cars in history. From The Ford GT40's racing roots at the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans race, to the limited availability as a consumer model, the Ford GT is legendary among car and racing enthusiasts. The show hosted by Joey Limongelli, will introduce the audience to the engineers, technicians, drivers and current owners of the Ford GT, this extraordinary racing machine.

Joey Limongelli, the host of "Ford GT, An American Icon", is deemed one of the foremost experts of the Ford GT in the world. Limongelli wrote a book "Around the World in a Ford GT" about his adventures driving a Ford GT across the globe. About this incredible new series, Joey said, "If you were a kid during the 60s, it was all about cars. The car I remember as a kid is the Ford GT40. The relationship with the GT40, forty to fifty years later is still out there. I wanted to have every single detail about the 2005/2006 Ford GT documented for years to come to keep this car in front of everybody. We have accomplished that with this amazing documentary about the Ford GT."

Rick Romano the President of Global Genesis Group said, "The Ford GT has such a proud heritage. The Ford GT40 was one of the most successful cars out there, and so we at Global Genesis Group were absolutely thrilled to be able to bring our acumen of worldwide distribution to this six-part project that not only told the history of this famous car, but gave us car lovers hope of what could be with the new Ford GTs about to go into production. It is series like Ford GT, An American Icon, that we at Global Genesis Group want to get out to a worldwide audience to highlight the beauty of the American car culture, and how a car such as the Ford GT has touched almost all of us on a deeply personal level."

About Global Genesis Group
Global Genesis Group's core business is the production and distribution of Television series, Feature Films & merchandising as well as creating and developing its own original IP's to generate merchandising and sponsorship opportunities globally. Global Genesis Group is a full service Production, Distribution, Sponsorship & Merchandising company.

About Joseph Limongelli
A long time collector of both luxury and performance vehicles, Joseph Limongelli is the quintessential example of the automotive enthusiast. His automotive collection has spanned seven decades of classic vehicles. The purchase of a 2005 Ford GT and involvement in the Ford GT community brought many new friends into the fold for this gregarious Italian and earned him the nickname GT Joey. By joining forces with the SVTOA, Joey was able to put his fondness for the Ford GT into print and share with other Ford enthusiasts the experience of GT ownership in a way that has never been done. Now the proud owner of three Ford GTs, he has the knowledge and experience to aid future owners in the purchase and care of Ford s finest supercar.