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Global Genesis Group Begins Filming New Action Thriller Series in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/25/2018 --Filming has begun on Global Genesis Group's upcoming action thriller series "7 Days Alive." 7 DAYS ALIVE is a 24-episode x 1 hour series for Chinese digital television now filming on location in Las Vegas, Nevada. The series is centered around a busload of Chinese tourists in Las Vegas who get mixed up with a human trafficking ring.

The series stars LI CHEN, also known as Jerry Li. Li was nominated at the International Emmy Awards for Best Actor, and won the Best Newcomer award at the China Movie Channel Media Awards. In 2014, Li became a cast member of the variety program Keep Running, which had explosive popularity in China and launched Li into becoming a household name in Asia.

US production company Global Genesis Group is partnering with Chinese production house Pilot Media to bring the series to life. Executive Producer Han Sanping is a producer, a director and the previous chairman of China Film Group. Sanping won Best Director with The Great Foundation of China in the 14th China Movie Award ceremony; with the same work, he won the Best Producer of the 11th Huabiao Film Awards and the Outstanding Contribution Award of the 2nd Chinese Films Awards.

The series' production team also includes industry veteran Ken Gord, who has been producing film and television for over 40 years. Gord has produced eighteen television movies for CBS, the Fox Network, etc. Ken Gord was Producer on two seasons of the CBS series "Sweating Bullets," the Paramount Television syndicated series "Queen of Swords," the Paris episodes of "Relic Hunter (Cycle I)" and five seasons of the syndicated hit, "Highlander: The Series."

"We are thrilled to work with such a talented cast and a fantastic production team as we continue to bring the Global Genesis Group brand internationally," stated Charles Morris Jr., Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at Global Genesis Group.

Rick Romano, President of Global Genesis Group added, "We are so excited to be part of this project, and we look forward to filming here in Las Vegas."

The series is currently filming on-location in Las Vegas, NV.

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