Global Genesis Group LLC.

Global Genesis Group Gets Its Content FINE TUNED with the Addition of Worldwide Phenomena Fine Tuned TV Series


Henderson, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2016 --Global Genesis Group is proud to announce the acquisition of the "Fine Tuned" television series for worldwide distribution. "Fine Tuned" is a car makeover series which originally aired on the Speed Channel and Fox Sports network in the US and Internationally in over 110 countries. The show provides well deserving individuals with the chance to have their vehicles Fine Tuned and modified with engine performance parts, custom wheels, paint job and entertainment system.

It is Fast & Furious meets Extreme Makeover.

Created by Chad Marshall, and hosted by Make Me a Supermodel's Tyson Beckford, Fine Tuned was one of the first hard, cutting-edge, high-tech automotive makeover series. Chad Marshall stated, "Fine Tuned was a life-long dream for me; I came up with the idea back in high school, and I can't believe that it's become a reality again with this second season now being produced for worldwide distribution. I've been a life-long car junkie, and I love nothing more than building high performance sports cars for our fans."

While Fine Tuned mainly focuses on the total modification of sub compact cars it also goes outside of the garage in order to give its global audience a look into the Fine Tuned sub compact lifestyle with segments on cutting-edge fashion, music, rally racing, and underground parties. Rick Romano, President of Global Genesis Group, stated, "Not only are we excited to reintroduce the Fine Tuned culture to the world with the first season, but we're ecstatic to go along for the ride on Season 2 and further seasons. It'll be a dynamic, up-tempo rollercoaster ride."

Producer Chad Marshall added "I couldn't be more excited to get back into production of Season #2 of Fine Tuned! I can't thank Global Genesis Group enough for giving me the chance to bring Fine Tuned back to its fans all across the world. I've received countless emails and messages from fans and distributors asking me when the next season will be out, and now I can happily say,…Now!!!