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Global Genesis Group Releases 9/11 Musical/Comedy "Arbor Day (The Musical)" on Amazon Prime


Henderson, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2016 --9/11 is one of the more revered and painful dates in American history. It is a taboo subject that we all stay away from, but not anymore. Now 9/11 is a musical. Yes, you got it right it's a MUSICAL. Global Genesis Group is proud to announce that Arbor Day (the musical) is available on Amazon Prime. Arbor Day is an independent film that has taken on the taboo subject of 9/11 and yet has still managed to win over audiences with its heart.

Global Genesis Group (GGG) is a Nevada/Los Angeles-based distributor whose other credits include the upcoming horror/thriller Escape Room starring Skeet Ulrich and Sean Young, the 3D animated fantasy Troll directed by Kevin Munroe as well as indie festival favorites Blessid and The Anniversary. In Arbor Day (the musical), Director Chuck Huber helms his first feature film which is a motley musical comedy about the worst moments in our country's history. In the movie, acclaimed theater director Andy McDonough, returns from a European tour of his original play "Zombie Our Town," and he enlists producing help on a musical comedy about September 11th. The cast is full of opinionated actors with strong ideas about September 11th. When some members of the cast admit that 9/11 was a government conspiracy, already thin tempers explode.

Director Chuck Huber stated, "The subject matter of Arbor Day (the musical) of course was touchy. I knew I couldn't approach the material without approaching one of the 9/11 victim's family members. I have a college friend whose father was the highest ranking military officer killed at the Pentagon. I went to DC and we visited her dad's grave in Arlington and then we went to the Pentagon Memorial. I pitched her my wacky September 11th movie in that hallowed spot. I was ready for her to have an apoplectic fit, and I was ready to give up on the movie. Instead, my friend assured me that various types of stories of 9/11 had to be told, and she stated her support of Arbor Day. She also gave me the best quote of the movie which is "hope can be the cruelest emotion."

Charles Morris Jr., V.P. of Development and Acquisitions for Global Genesis Group, stated, "9/11 was an event that not only impacted me deeply but everyone in this country. It was traumatic, emotional, a national day of anguish and hurt and anger. So I went into watching Arbor Day with trepidation. Could I deal with a movie in the vein of a Christopher-Guest-film that was a musical/comedy about September 11th? Not only was it absolutely worth watching, it was poignant and meaningful, and these are the kinds of independent movies that Global Genesis Group is proud to represent. Director Chuck Huber takes on an almost untouchable subject and he not only treats the memory of those we lost with care but he humanizes the crazy Truthers that live among us."

Director Huber is ecstatic his film has premiered on Amazon Prime. He stated, "As a filmmaker it's wonderful to have the movie on Amazon Prime. It's a tribute to all the beautiful work the actors did on this film. Global Genesis Group has been amazing in supporting independent films that take risks such as Arbor Day (the musical). Because of this digital release, generations to come will know that there were people who looked at the events of that horrific day on 9/11 and said there needed to be different conversations. And also laughter is the best healing tool for humanity."