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Global Leaders Combine to Offer Intensive Practical Short Program to Combat Executive's Inability to Spot and Then Win Against the Forces of Digital Disruption

Today, Imperial College London, a global ten university and the ‘home of innovation in London’ and Leading Edge Forum (LEF), the preeminent IT research and thought leadership company, announced combining forces to deliver a cutting edge Executive Education program on how to spot, combat and win against the forces of digital disruption.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2015 --As the digital revolution gathers momentum, business leaders are increasingly talking about Disruption and how to deal with it. This intensive two and a half day programme will focus on executives' inability to recognize disruption when it is afoot in their industry, the potentially fatal business consequences of this and practical methods for countering and leading your own disruptions.

Mark Kennedy, Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Strategy at Imperial College said, "This is a topic which has to be understood and so by combing forces with the LEF we are able to provide real insight, practical hands on, as well as classroom based learning to impact the executives who come on this course. Its going to be a great learning and potentially business changing experience for all".

In its long tradition of questioning and discovery, Imperial College works with organizations to cover the full spectrum of business and technology. Going beyond the classroom approach, they use a unique Impact Lab™ approach to generate creative – often surprising – ideas to transform or reframe your business thus providing a safe yet dynamic place for business people to explore, experiment and develop. Their immersive and cross-disciplinary Executive Education programmes are led by Imperial College world-renowned team of academics, experts and researchers.

Through this joint program, LEF brings both its future sensing input and practical experience of working with the worlds leading organizations on their digital transformation strategies. Attendees will benefit by being able to not only hear from our experts on many aspects of disruption we see in the market , but spend time exploring their thinking with them during the two and a half days.

Richard Davies, Managing Director of LEF stated, "This was a great opportunity to offer executives a smorgasbord of both Imperial's and LEFs research as well as the 'how to' advisory offerings which make understanding the digital landscape and thereby digital disruption 'real' for the course attendees".

Details of the course, including application form, can be found at LeadingEdgeForum.com.