CS Networks

Global SMS Programming Contest

Want to start your Telecom Business? Have a great idea and programming skills? Win €50,000 to get started and keep your project running.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2013 --CS Networks, one of the fastest growing mobile messaging and security providers headquartered in London, serving premium SMS services through API integration, is pleased to announce the newest of their developer-participation contests. Dubbed the ‘CS Networks Programming Awards 2013’, this is an outstanding opportunity for developers to gain exposure within the telecom industry, and a chance to win €50,000 to get started and keep the product running.

Principals behind the company have been working within the developer community for many years now, and have designed this contest to meet new developers, and test new ideas for their SMS technologies systems. The competition is global and open to both students and small & medium sized enterprises (less then 100 employees). There are two categories: one for students and one for companies. The theme of the contest is “SMS It” with the purpose of the theme to promote innovations towards the SMS technologies via CS Networks Platform, develop new business concepts to empower individuals and society.

Not surprisingly there are certain requirements to enter the contest. One must be able to develop an application based on the CS Networks SMS API that addresses the theme, submit an demo of a working prototype application by March 28, 2013.. The application must be an original work.

Prizes have been noted by industry critics as being quite generous, but the principals wanted to attract the most capable of developers.

Prize table per category:
1st place: EUR 50 000 credits
2nd place: EUR 25 000 credits
3rd place: EUR 5 000 credits

The credit referred to is placed on the developers own CS Networks Account Balance, with the full support in promotion of his/her product.

Winners and their applications will be announced and available for download on: www.cs-networks.net and appropriate project websites.

CS Networks has announced these Deadlines:

March 28, 2013: Last date for Submission
April 1, 2013: Evaluation
April 16, 2013: Announcement of semi-finalists (top 5) in each category
May 20, 2013: Global evaluation of semi-finalist entries
May 25, 2013: Announcement of finalist teams (top 2) in each category

The first evaluation phase results in the selection of the semi-finalist teams, the top 5 in each category. The second evaluation phase of the semi-finalist entries is will be evaluated by representatives from 3-4 countries globally and results in the selection of the finalist teams, the top 2 in each category. The third evaluation phase will be done at the Awards Ceremony by the panel of experts, who will select the winners making a final decisions.

CS Networks invites all interested parties to visit their website and contest page for full details of the contest rules and requirements as soon as possible.

Submitted applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
- Addresses the theme "SMS It!"
- Business potential
- Innovation

Those interested in winning the 50,000 Euro prize, or one of the runners-up prizes, are advised to contact the company as soon as possible, and begin to develop a product, a service, an application, or a system relying on CS Networks SMS API.

In order to begin the application process, one should submit your work via email to: contest@cs-networks.net

For further information or to contact the company regarding this announcement please email:
contest@cs-networks.net or visit the website for more contact data: http://www.cs-networks.net