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Global Supply 360 Turns Ideation, Manufacturing and Importing Into a Teachable Science with the New GS360 Innovation Lab

Launched to take ideas from concept to store shelf, Global Supply 360 introduces the GS360 Innovation Lab. The New Product Development and International Trade Courses cut to the chase and give inventors inside information strategically taught by professionals online.


Reno, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2016 --In an economic climate that's making entrepreneurs out of employees ignoring the status quo, Global Supply 360 launches the ultimate "how-to". The GS360 Innovation Lab simplifies the process of product development and international trade. Sidestepping years of formal education most inventors don't have, the lab takes 20 online hours to show how an idea can get all the way to market. A long held mystery from inventors with a good idea, the New Product Development and International Trade Courses talk real world practicality. Thus, they assure newbies won't be taken for a ride by invention marketers and charlatans who promise the stars and deliver flat bottom lines.

Now implementation of that promising grand idea is on tap. Ideas for tangible consumer products like electronics and accessories, outdoor products, clothing and household goods can be unearthed and put to good use in the mass marketplace. Thanks to GS360, the "every man" inventor can quickly gain critical knowledge and skills which would take years to acquire if they were to attend universities or continuing education courses.

To that end, GS360 course work doesn't just give a plethora of information, it teaches. At the end of 20 courses inventors will have the confidence to begin a product development project, either domestic or international. It starts with ideation, design, prototyping and building a development team. From there the courses discuss sourcing, building the product and packaging, labeling, costs, terminology and quality control. In the second half, GS360 underscores vendor relations, pre-production, mass production and paying for product. Importation, lifecycle management and patents are discussed as well as import and export law.

Loren Ouellette, General Manager of Global Supply 360 said of the new consumer products course, "Independent inventors need to know that some invention marketers have been known to engage in questionable activities and our government doesn't do enough to stop that. Inventors need to be proactive. Anyone that's considering using the services of an invention and marketing company, or running a DYI project should take one or all of our courses first. They need to have a good working understanding of the new product development process. Think Shark Tank inventor with street smarts."

The course includes training webinars with one to two hours of content each. Registration can be made for either one course at a time for $75 each or all twenty courses for a total of $1,500. Reference materials are included with registration and recommended study guides are akin to MIT and UC Berkeley materials. Each course is presented in online classes and is followed by a Q & A session.

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About Global Supply 360
Global Supply 360 was founded by Loren Ouellette who has twenty years of experience in domestic and international product development. He has developed products, managed teams, managed sourcing, supply chains and factories for both US and Hong Kong companies. Himself an inventor and entrepreneur, Ouellette has multiple USA and international patents. Global Supply 360 can also be engaged for consultation and development services.

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