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Global-Ucar to Usher in a New Spring of Used Car Export


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/30/2020 --Global-Ucar is one of the largest Chinese enterprises carrying out the used car business. With more than 20 years of experience and strict production quality control, Global-Ucar has a comprehensive protection capability. After years of market inspection and service network development, Global-Ucar provides customers with a well-qualified service. By exported to many countries to build the international influence of the brand, Global-Ucar has been praised as the supplier with service of professional quality and rigorous process by the customers of large enterprises worldwide.

Used car export is the key task assigned by the provincial government and is also an important step for sustained trade development. It committed to building a comprehensive, used car export service platform to serve cooperative countries. Through its full play of brand advantages?the export volume of Global-Ucar ranked first in China. It has already built a long-term cooperative relationship with suppliers and has many well-known domestic enterprises that establish stable trade relations and cooperation.

As leading Chinese used car exporter, the company already built an overseas base, warehouse, exhibition, and trade center for the business scope of radiation throughout Africa and the Middle East. With domestic brand manufacturers, public transport groups, and reliable partners in target areas?Global-Ucar established good cooperation relations. The superior resources have entire integrated to improve the supply chain's competitiveness to create diversified car purchase channels and e-commerce platforms used, including B2B and B2C. Global-Ucar launched the interaction model with the linkage of OTO. Technical cooperation is also growing rapidly.

Numerous Global-Ucar products are highly rated for reliability, and the brand has been largely recognized for big improvements over the years. All the used cars for sale have been run through a series of strict quality checks. Product quality has been ensured by strict censorship of the products. The accident rate significantly reduced.

Policy support provided by the government also propelling the company forward. As a state-owned company, the company has abundant funds and advanced equipment, a troop of technical personnel with the high diathesis, rich experience excelsior for technology. It adapts to the global development of the industry standard to provide a standard of quality products. It has realized nationwide integration of used car export customs clearance in 2019. In June 2020, Nansha Used Car Export Base was established in Guangzhou, China.

Through the used car export, Global-Ucar has stimulated the vitality of the domestic automobile consumption market. It has stimulated the potential of domestic automobile consumption upgrading and driven the sales volume of new cars to rise. Driven the development and upgrading of the automobile industry and the technology upgrading of domestic automobiles using used cars as the entry point. Finally, it has promoted the high-quality development of foreign trade. It will also make up for the shortage in the export of used cars and promote the stability and quality of foreign trade. It also provides a remarkable social significance.

About Global-Ucar
Global-Ucar is a professional used car export service platform in China. Since its establishment in 1997, Global-Ucar has won long-term cooperation with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. With the parent company's strong international logistics support and abundant overseas used car inventory, Global-Ucar has the ability to provide used car information consultation, customs clearance and freight forwarding, financial factoring and other businesses for upstream and downstream suppliers.

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