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Glowing Lean System Reviews Expose the Approach of Kimberly Snyder

With the launch of the new system by Kimberly Snyder, there have been many different Glowing Lean System reviews to hit the web. But does the system work or is it just another online scam?


Central Point, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/23/2013 --Kimberly Snyder and her Beauty Detox diet plan called The Glowing lean system is all about nutritious eating. Kimberly is a vegan, which means that she refrains from eating any animal protein or dairy products, which includes milk and eggs. This seems to make some sense, particularly since our entire food chain is suspect due to processed foods and GMO, or chemically altered foods, which some believe has taken all of the nutrients out of our foods.

Ms. Snyder holds to the opinion that by eating nutrient rich foods which produce a lot of energy and rich ingredients that our bodies crave, we will save energy on digesting the food, and therefore have more energy for living our lives. Remember that sluggish feeling after gorging on a couple of cheeseburgers, a bag of fries and a large soft drink?

The Glowing Lean system is an entire regimen of smoothies, well orchestrated diet plans and a definite course of action for people who now only want to lose weight, but literally rebuild their bodies back to what they used to be, or perhaps should have been, by proper diet and exercise. All of the suggested ingredients in the diet are all natural foods such as “Energy in a Spoon”, which is bee pollen with a hint of coconut oil. There are energy boosters, detox smoothies, scrumptious salads with Oil-Free Raw Vegan Caesar and the Chia Seed Delight for dessert. Did you know that Jesus of Nazareth probably ate Chia seeds, and He ought to know.

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Some might criticize Ms. Snyder in that some of the ingredients in her diets seem to be quite costly, but wait a moment here. What are we willing to invest in our health, and just look at the money that we spend as a society in soft drinks alone. It does make you stop and think a bit.

When you take a closer look at the state of health of our society in general we are at an all time high in the disease category. Autism is probably the most dramatic disease that has recently come on the scene from not even being on the radar 15 years ago, to a startling 1 out of 112 babies are now being born with Autism. The cancer and heart disease statistics don’t seem a lot better, and we are a society fraught with obesity, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. And to top all of that off, the medications that the drug companies have come out with as cures, are sometimes worse for us, or just as bad as the disease itself.

So hooray, for a plan that really focuses on healthy eating with a plan, and that is just what Ms. Snyder’s Glowing Lean System does. Her plan is to take out all of the toxins that we can, that have been put in there by our poor diets full of sugar, white flour, processed food, and on and on . . . And then build our systems back up properly by giving our bodies what they want and need. Just because you have never eaten that way before, Bubba, does not mean that it’s not good for you.

Most people will resist change, just because they become uncomfortable. Let’s face it, eating is a pretty bid deal for most of us, and we like for things to taste good, but in America for the last 70 to 80 years, that has meant sugar, lots of bread, and meat. So if you factor in the law of cause and effect, you can see pretty much what we have done to ourselves.

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When people get so fat that they don’t fit on one airplane seat, things have gone too far. That did not happen, even 20 years ago. It really boils down to a personal decision, and it seems that Ms. Snyder has an excellent plan for people to not only lose weight, but become very healthy again.

Ms. Snyder’s whole thesis about diet focuses on energy. The types of foods that we eat determine how much energy our bodies need to exert in order to digest them. Over time this has an effect on our bodies. There are some foods that are just more difficult to digest than others, such as animal meats. Also a big problem is that many of our traditional foods leave toxins that our bodies do not get rid of. This results in all kinds of problems.

People who have worked with Ms. Snyder have been able to detoxify their bodies in order to make way for the more nourishing foods that are suggested in her schedules. Once the toxins are taken out of our systems, there is a cheer from our bodies as selected nutrients in the form of green smoothies, made up of nutritious vegetables of course, get us back up to speed and in top operational form.

To learn more about the Glowing Lean System, please read the full review here: or click here to visit the official Glowing Lean System website.

The Glowing Green System is definitely worth looking into if you are willing to accept a little discipline and are truly interested in improving your overall health situation.