GlucoNightWatch Launches Intelligent Bracelet for Diabetes Control on Kickstarter

GlucoSentry bracelet launched on Kickstarter to significantly improve the quality of life for people dealing with diabetes. The bracelet offers 24/7 readings and the companion app enables the configuration of local and remote alarms for hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.


Valencia, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2018 --GlucoNightWatch (GNW) announced today the launch of their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to finance the production of their new bracelet, GlucoSentry. Shipping in September 2018, the product is slated to change the life of all people who suffer from diabetes. Together with a FreeStyle Libre Sensor, and connected with an application, GlucoSentry offers a complete alarm system that works remotely and allows manual and automatic continuous glucose monitoring every 5 minutes. Now, people don't have to wake up or stop what they're doing to measure the level of the glucose in their system. Essential for diabetics of all ages, the product is on point for parents of diabetic children as well. They can now easily monitor their kids while they're at school or play.

To use GlucoSentry, users need only to register themselves as a care provider and enter their phone number or email address in the application. From that moment on, they will be notified automatically of level changes through a cloud system. If dangerous glycemic levels are reached, or if there is a problem with the device that prevents correct readings, they will receive an alarm.

Apart from automatic readings every 5 minutes, the wearable enables on-demand readings by pressing an image on the initial screen of the health app. It also allows users to configure alarms remotely by sending a message or calling an external phone. If a reading reaches dangerous values, they can immediately alert someone. To improve security even more, if the user gets alerted and does not respond to three warnings, GlucoSentry will automatically set a local alarm on the user's smartphone to wake them up to take action or alert their physician.

Moreover, should the battery of the user's phone reach less than 10% at any time, or should the bracelet move off the FreeStyle Libre Sensor, which prevents the correct readings, another alarm will alert. This ensures the safety of the user so they can be informed and calm day or night.

Juan Simó, CEO of GlucoNightWatch S.L., said of the Kickstarter launch, "This project initially started to help a friend's daughter who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. After five working prototypes, and a dream to help people affected by diabetes predominately during the nighttime, we have created the most complete application in the field of diabetes control. It works day or night 24/7 and stands out from all of its competitors."

The ergonomic shape of the GlucoSentry bracelet holds easily on the arm due to a sensor that does not exceed a comfortable thickness. As many users are children, having to wear a very big device on their arm could stop them from moving comfortably. This could interrupt their play and sleep. So, GlucoNightWatch reduced the product's size so it can even be worn under tight clothes. Moreover, for the summertime, users can personalize the bracelet with different patterns. Children and adults can make their diabetes monitor into something unique and special, fully-adapted to their style.

Mindful of the environment, GlucoNightWatch partnered with Spanish companies, Navilo Mobile ( for the design and development of the application and programming of the device. For the manufacturing of the electronic circle, GlucoSentry linked arms with Celestica (

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