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A Recipe for Valentine's Day Romance That Is Simple, Easy and Gluten Free

Make Valentine's Day a night to remember with the Smart Health Talk recipe for romance.


San Bernardino, CA -- (ReleaseWire) --02/13/2012 --If your goal for Valentines Day is romance, then we suggest you consider following the Smart Health Talk guide to ignite sparks and get things fired up with “Keeping it hot chicken.” Not only is this meal designed to stimulate the senses, but comforts with some easy homemade four-step mac and cheese. The three course meal comes to a sweet conclusion with a berry pie that is so good people have been known to start eating it right out of the pan because it looked to good to wait.

“We have made this an allergen free meal so anyone can eat and enjoy it. Not only are all the ingredients gluten free, but the menu was chosen for great taste, easy prep , and food choices loved by most everyone. When a meal is delicious all the way through, it makes it easier to stay upbeat and keep the rhythm moving in a positive direction throughout the night,” explains host Elaine McFadden who is also a registered dietitian.

“We figured the meal was all about first getting your Valentine to join you for dinner, so the menu had to be as universally appealing as possible, and since the night is more about romance than eating, best to keep it short and simple. All three recipes are easy to make and gluten free. If all ingredient recommendations are followed, those looking to please their Valentine with an unforgettable taste experience can increase their odds for only a few extra dollars.

Can wowing your Valentine with unusually high taste appeal increase the odds you will leave a lasting impression as an extraordinary cook? Maybe so. Seems that organic chicken and berries both score high on taste. Most people who try organic chicken for the first time do notice a difference. It is like a light comes on that says, “that is the way it’s supposed to taste.” Men seem to notice more than women or are just more passionate about good tasting meat.

Could it be that eating a broiled or baked chicken brings out our primal instincts? Perhaps there is an association with a flame cooked chicken and the man having to hunt dinner and cook it over a campfire. As women we might enjoy a little playful barbaric behavior in our man because with it might also come passion.

Test it out by throwing your manners out the window and grab a leg and eat it with your fingers. Tell him he brings out the animal in you. Organic chicken could deliver a more concentrated wild flavor that appeals to men. These birds are fed all organic grains, and are forbidden by the USDA to inject them with antibiotics, hormones, or extra fluids.

Celebrity guest Chef Lance Corralez gave several suggestions on how to create a romantic setting that would not require a lot of extra expense. He also recommends spending extra on quality food, and keep the rest simple and basic so most of the attention goes to great food and each other.

A newlywed himself, Chef Lance draws from his experience working with a wide variety of clients that hire him as their personal chef or to create a romantic dinner experience in their home. You will have to listen to the podcast to hear all of his suggestions, but one romantic idea he shared had to do with a special dinner he recently set up for a celebrity where dinner was served in bed. Chef Lance explained, “People eat breakfast in bed, why not dinner in bed. Skip the dining table, and just start in the bedroom. All of the foods on our Valentine’s Day menu can be eaten in bed or fed to each other.”

Even though organic quality may not be possible all the time, we can create new traditions for special days. What better time to offer quality ingredients than when you are trying to say I love you? Use the best quality ingredients, and go for the WOW factor and even if the romance doesn’t work out, they’ll never forget your cooking. When you serve the best ever eaten, you will have spoiled their taste buds forever. Organic foods have a way of doing that to people.

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