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Go Book Introduces a New Travel Essential

Go Book ups the ante on travel preparedness with their first product release. Setting a new standard for suiting up and showing up for every travel detail, the newly-released Personal Health and Travel Record redefines keeping tabs.


Redwood City, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2017 --Of course, a passport serves its purpose but, in an age where security is king, a smart traveler needs a bit more. Think, passport 2.0. A running record of essentials like one's passport number, insurance details, vaccination and immunization records, previous travel history and important contacts. Handy, yes? So says, Go Book. They're the ones who've created a passport companion a savvy traveler who has a firm grip on preparation, personal security, and safety can use. Meet the Personal Health and Travel Record - the one-stop-shop approach to peace of mind.

With thirty-two full-color pages bound by a passport-like cover and individually laser-cut serial numbers, the Go Book Personal Health and Travel Record is a veritable snapshot of the traveler. If heaven forbid, a passport was lost its pages can provide essential information. Travelers can track where they've been and how they got there; whether they liked it, who they met, and how to stay in contact.

Sterling White, founder of Go Book, said of the Personal Health and Travel Record release, "We asked ourselves, 'What kind of document would I want if I lost everything while I was traveling?' Of course, we'd want our passport number, details about our prescriptions, and a credit card number. A full record of everything you'd need to go to a consulate, an embassy, or a doctor would be best. So then, we upscaled that to include a travel journal. There's even a map of the world to pinpoint all the places you've been. You don?t get that with just a passport. But now, you can carry it all with you just as easily."

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About Go Book
Go Book is based in Redwood City, California that provides upscale products in the travel space. They're slated to release a series of companion books meant to help travelers feel more secure and more prepared.

Sterling White
Founder, Go Book


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