Go!Foton Announces High Volume Availability for the New SELFOC Micro-Fluorescence Detector: The FLE 510


Somerset, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2013 --Leveraging upon the success of the FLE 1100 Fluorescence Detector, Go!Foton announces the high volume availability of a fiber-optic fluorescence detector in a form factor smaller than a business card.

The FLE 510 detector has an ultra-compact body that is designed to be built into other instruments and multi-channel analyzers yet still works in high ambient light in the same manner as the full-size FLE 1100. The FLE 510 has an analog signal output of 0-5 V and can be integrated into other instruments such as automatic DNA analyzers, chromatographic measuring instruments such as HPLC, flow cytometers, or customized for instruments including environmental monitors for air or water that test for trace amounts of contaminants or pathogens.

The FLE 510 is available in five fixed wavelengths: a B type (FITC, FAM, SYBR Green, GFP, etc.), a G Type (Cy3, Resorufin, etc.), an R type (Cy5, etc.) as well as V (violet) and UV versions. Customized emission wavelengths and a variety of probes can be selected.

Pricing in quantities from 1 to 10,000 is available on request.

About Go!Foton Holdings
SELFOC ® is a registered trademark of Nippon Sheet Glass Co., LTD. (NSG Group). Go!Foton is an exclusive distributor of NSG’s microlenses worldwide for the optical communications industry and is a manufacturer of and developer of other optical components and modules.