GoFundMe Campaign Announced for the World's First Internet Gas Station


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2018 --98CentGas.Com is the world's first internet gas station. It's done the unthinkable and given consumers the ability to save 98¢ off of every gallon of gas. Edward Pulley, owner and entrepreneur, has been working on the concept for some years, and the technology needed to run the complex infrastructure has finally caught up with him. Now, with Patent Pending, Mr. Pulley hopes to raise enough capital in the GoFundMe campaign to hire the best programmers and software engineers to create the platform.

98CentGas operates as a membership-based program. People looking to join 98CentGas would have the ability to choose from a series of membership plans based on their personal needs and driving habits. When someone becomes a Member, they receive a 98CentGas card in the mail that works just the same as any other credit/debit card they may already use. Members log in to 98CentGas.com or on the 98CentGas mobile app to purchase their preferred amount of gas. Once completed, it's immediately loaded to the card and ready to use. The app is quite user-friendly and confirms your purchase immediately via email. Security is a very high priority with the company.

When purchasing gas through either the website or mobile app, 98¢ is automatically deducted from whatever the current gas price is at your location of purchase. After each transaction, the Member will receive a notification from the app showing exactly how much they saved. One of the most frequently asked questions 98CentGas receives is "What gas stations would be compatible with the 98CentGas card?". After the official launch, 98CentGas will be fully integrated and available for use at every major gas station.

The goal of 98CentGas is to help everyday people overcome the burden of high gas costs. Owner Edward Pulley chose to run a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for app development and other costly startup fees. He believes that everyone deserves this type of savings, and by donating through either the GoFundMe campaign or directly via PayPal, each individual will have a feeling of accomplishment at bringing this platform to life and help provide the savings to all.

For people interested, donation options can be found on the 98CentGas.com website or on the 98CentGas GoFundMe page. Additionally, you can stay up to date on the progress of 98CentGas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay involved in the community and receive updates about the official launch.

Edward Pulley