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Gold Silver Group Reports Unbalanced Market Makes Trading Gold for Silver the Smart Choice

With decades of direct market experience in commodities and precious metals, the Gold Silver Group is now recommending investors to re-balance their precious metals portfolios. By decreasing current gold positions and allocating those monies to physical silver, an investor may be able to see windfall profits in the months ahead.


Culver City, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2015 --With current market conditions Gold Silver Group feels silver may give an investor a tremendous advantage to the upside, eclipsing gold.  As gold and silver have been hammered down the last 3+ years in a relentless bear market, it appears that major financial institutions have been quietly amassing incredible amounts of silver.  Why? Because it is now again making a resurgence as money. Many have forgotten that gold and silver have been used as money since the dawn of civilization.  Gold was the backbone of the US dollar until 1971, when Nixon closed the gold window and re-aligned our dollar with oil, creating a "petro-dollar".

In order to significantly increase one's wealth, Gold Silver Group says now is the time to exchange current gold holdings for silver.  Historically, for thousands of years, silver and gold have traded at a defined ratio of 16-1, meaning 16 ounces of silver have been equal to 1 ounce of gold. Because of current market conditions, those ratios have been severely skewed.  This is now giving investors an incredible advantage in the marketplace. 

Anthony Allen Anderson, Director of Sales at Gold Silver Group explains:  "The last time we saw the market this far out of balance was in 2008, right before the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns.  The silver gold ratio traded as high as 84-1 at that time. By 2011 that ratio narrowed to 31-1.  Savvy investors who took advantage of this were able to dramatically increase their gold holdings by simply positioning their money in an extremely undervalued asset, silver.  Within that 3 year window, investors who positioned themselves were able to double their gold holdings without spending any additional monies simply because of this imbalance. Imagine if you could walk into a bank before 1933, back when the USA used gold and silver as money, and get 96 "real silver" $1 dollar coins, for every $20 "real gold" 1 oz. ounce coin you had – knowing that within a short a period of time, you could return to the bank and exchange that same silver for 4 times the amount of gold."

What happened to get us to these conditions again?  Anderson continues; "In 2011 the CME Group began to aggressively raise margin requirements, taming the markets.  Right now, the investor needs to know their earnings will be enhanced if they trade their physical gold for physical silver.  That's our backstory, it's where we've been and we are positioned to see it happen again."

History often repeats itself and for those experienced traders who know this and have the insight and knowledge, financial security is always in sight.  

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Anthony Allen Anderson
Director of Sales