Golfers Can Count on More Game for Their Grip with Duofeel, the World's First Rotating Dual-Face Putter


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/13/2018 --Introducing DUOFEEL, the world's first rotating dual face putter. This truly impressive innovation seeks to simplify the decision-making process that most golfers have to face on slow and fast greens that have been changed by factors like rain or freshly cut lawns. Reading green speeds is crucial to selecting the right putter feel and type but many golfers fail to correctly anticipate the conditions and switch between putters that are entirely unsuitable for the greens conditions.

Complicating matters further, especially for amateur golfers, is the fact that each time the putter changes, their style and grip will have to similarly adjust. DUOFEEL keeps these variables stable by simply providing a rotating head. This means that users' grips and styles remain consistent while the head of the putter simply moves around in response to the greens' conditions.

There are two inserts for the smoothly rotating head. The first is a grooves insert intended for slow greens, which gives the ball a top spin, allowing it to cover greater distances with increased momentum. The alternate side is a soft insert, which gives the golfer much more feel and control on the stroke. This side is intended for faster greens that call for great control on the putt, the momentum and the distance. Fast greens are usually when golfers tend to over-putt and DUOFEEL seeks to not only improve this but eliminate the chance for over-putting entirely, in one quick rotation.

The DUOFEEL is designed to have two playing sides and comes in a sleek, matte black finish with white inserts, in order to eliminate any distracting reflection. Golfers will find the functioning as easy and efficient as the design itself as they simply need to unlock the mechanism to switch between the grooves and soft-feel face or insert. Switching between roll and control also allows amateur golfers to themselves learn to intuit and attenuate to the conditions of the greens over time, just as "pro" golfers do.

To get DUOFEEL's innovative product into the hands of consumers and golfers, Raikhy Golf, headed by Sammerjit Raikhy, is offering backers of the crowdfunding campaign a limited edition putter, to be delivered in January 2019, for $89. While this is the only "level" of backing and contribution, and the campaign has an impressive goal of $35,000, Raikhy feels confident that the best way to further fund and support the campaign is to get DUOFEEL into the hands of actual users. It's just that simple, effective and powerful and "speaks" for itself.