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GoLookUp Announces an Advanced Reverse Phone Lookup Service

GoLookUp has announced an advanced Reverse Phone Lookup service that will allow users to get comprehensive information about known and unknown phone numbers.


Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2018 --The 21st century is the golden age of internet, and these days we all have access to a vast amount of information that was not available to us in the past. With all the information we receive online, we are also at risk of having our own personal information passed on to others. This causes people all across the United States to receive calls from unknown numbers, a phenomenon we all know to well.

GoLookUp has announced a service that will allow users to find out who exactly is calling them and block unwanted numbers from all across the US. This Reverse Phone Lookup service is available for known an unknown phone numbers and it allows users to find out more about any phone number they want.

Why People Receive Calls from Unknown Numbers?

Getting phone calls from unknown numbers is a wide spread phenomenon these days due to the vast use of internet. Every time a person uses a website and provides personal details, like with loan applications, signing up for new apps, ordering a product online etc., there is a great chance that the information they provided will be passed on to others.

The spreading of personal information between different companies and organizations allows them to build a data base of phone numbers and call people as they please. With GoLookUp's Phone Number Search, users can run a background check on anonymous phone numbers, and find out who is on the other side of the calls.

Using a Reverse Phone Lookup

The reverse phone lookup service is easy to use, and once users enter a phone number, whether it is known or unknown, they receive a full report on the person or company calling based on public records. The comprehensive information includes the full name of the caller, their address, the city and state of residence and even information about their surroundings.

Once a full name and address are provided by GoLookUp, users can run a people search and a background check to find out even more about who is calling them. The background check includes arrest records, criminal records, sexual offences and much more information that is vital, especially when users want to find out more about a person they met and no little about.

GoLookUp's reverse phone lookup service allows users to find important information about the person or company calling from a known or an unknown number, and decide what to do with it, which can save lives in cases where fraud or injury are possible.