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GoLookUp Announces New Sex Offender Data Base Release


Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/03/2018 --With an Alarming increased number of criminal offenses and sex offender offenses, families can never be too safe.

In 2016 there were 859,500 registered sex offenders in United States. This number relates to only Registered sex offenders and does not include unregistered sex offenders. Furthermore, this number does not take into account criminal offenses that relate to home invasion, domestic violence, robbery, and other crimes.

People and families who would like to have a better understanding of crimes and sex offenders in their area can use GoLookUp Sex Offender Registry and Sex Offender Search Tool. GoLookUp, a Background Check website which specializes in providing real time data and results, as recently updated its Sex Offender and Criminal Records Data Base.

Sex Offenders are obligated to register with their state and inform the state system about their address and any address changes in case they move. This allows the public to be aware of sex offenders and criminal who live near them, or move into their neighborhood.

In many cases families in the United States have Sex Offenders who live on their street and have zero knowledge. This does not have to be the case any longer.

GoLookUp lets anyone search for sex offenders and/or criminals by simply entering the zip code of their home, or the neighborhood they plan on moving into. The system will return the exact results of Sex Offenders and Criminals who live in that specific area code, with a detailed map.

GoLookUp offers Unlimited Searches and an Open Data platform to all its users!

What does that mean?

It means that you can perform a background check on any sex offender and/or criminal who lives near you.

When you perform a background check with GoLookUp, you will be able to see any previous criminal actives such as: Arrest Records, Sex Offender Offenses, Criminal Records, Phone Numbers, Past and Current Address Information, Marriage and Divorce Records, Driving Records, and Much More!

GoLookUp has positioned itself as the safest and most easy to use tool to find out information about anyone in just a matter of minutes.

GoLookUp allows its users to perform multiple and unlimited searches for various data points.

This includes, but not limited to:

Background Checks
Reverse Phone Lookup
Sex Offender Search
Criminal Records Search
Reverse Address Search
Companies Information
Unclaimed Money
Contact Information
Social Search, Including images and online activities
Public People Search and People Records

Exploring GoLookUp and its products is rather easy. Just Visit and begin your search. Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and Money Back Guarantee is part of GoLookUp's Refund Policy.