Google Max SEO Alex Hudson, Announces New Google Local Update for All 7 Pack Business Listings Alex Hudson Reports The 7 Pack Business Listings Are Gone. Instead It Is Now The New Day Of The Snack Pack Only 3 Results Listed...


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2015 Alex Hudson and other SEO Experts point out how Google local search has recently changed. Hudson says the change is very dramatic and will effect 93% of local businesses. In Hudson's opinion local business owners need to be aware of the changes.

Over the course of the day Thursday, Google began switching over the usual 7-pack local listings to all 3-pack, AKA Snack Pack local results. This means that instead of showing 7 businesses in the pack and in the map, those spots are now only available to 3 businesses.

7-Packs Now 3-Packs

Mike Blumenthal was the first to notice the usual 7-packs had dropped down to only 3. The move to 3-packs rolled out throughout the day yesterday. And in an unusual move for local, Google launched this change both in the US and internationally at once.

Exact Addresses Removed

Google has also removed specific addresses from the snack pack listings, instead only listing the street name. This requires a searcher to either click through to the website or the map listing in order to get the exact address.

Phone Numbers Removed

Searchers will no longer have easy access to the phone number of the business. They now need to click through the listing or get the number from the website. The mobile version (detailed below) doesn't display the phone number but does have a "Call" option for each listing.

Google+ Links Removed

Also removed are the Google+ links we have all become familiar with. Because Google has pushed for local businesses to claim their page officially, this change is pretty interesting.

Store Hours Added

They have also added in store hours, including opening and closing times, depending on the time of day of the search.

Reviews No Longer Labelled "Google Reviews"

Gone are the labels on the reviews listing them as "Google Reviews." Now they are simply called "reviews" with the number of reviews for each business still included.

No Flyouts

We are used to being able to scroll over local listings to see the local card for the business displayed on the right hand side. This no longer happens, to see the "Card", you have to click through to the secondary local page.

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