Grace Ring Case Will Make a Proposal Unforgettable


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/29/2017 --Grace is a cleverly designed ring case that contains a beautiful three dimensional flower for presenting a ring to a loved one on a special occasion. The slim, stylish ring case is the creation of design team F!VE from Singapore. The case hides a flower inside, which has been made to unfold and pop-up when the case is opened. In the center of the flower sits the ring, which spins elegantly as it emerges from the delicate petals.

When proposing to that special someone, or presenting a ring for a birthday, anniversary or important occasion, Grace makes the event even more memorable. Since the case is flat and the size of an iPhone 5, it is completely unlike the shape of a regular ring case.Therefore, it completely conceals its contents, making it perfect for a surprise gift or proposal.

The way Grace works is that the ring is carefully placed on a special ring catch inside the case. When the case is opened at just the right moment, a pop-up mechanism ensures that the ring is revealed from the heart of the flower, to the recipient's delight.

Grace is available in black or red resin, or space gray or rose gold metal. Customers can choose a design with a red or white rose, or a red or white camellia. The cases measure 6.5 x 11.5 cm. The resin case weighs just 60 grams and the metal case weighs 120 grams.

Cases are available for pre-order from Kickstarter with special early-bird deals for those that act fast. The first batch will be ready to be delivered worldwide in time for Christmas 2017. Various promotions and offers are available on Kickstarter.

The creatives at F!VE are producing Grace in collaboration with 890.PTE.Ltd., a technology and design company based in Singapore, and Magnet Industry, an industrial design company based in Shibuya in Tokyo. Ryo Maruyama is Creative Director and Chief Designer.

"The inspiration for Grace comes from my personal experiences," said Maruyama. "After breaking up with my girlfriend, I felt like I needed to learn to be more sensitive to small but powerful personal touches. I came up with the idea to create a product which combines thoughts and feelings in the form of a beautiful gift for a loved one. Grace makes a moment of surprise bloom with beautiful memories."

To find out more or purchase a Grace ring case, visit the Kickstarter page here: